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Forbidden Crossword

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The actor  who played Chief Engineer Quinn in the classic
1956 film Forbidden Planet reportedly died today at 91.

In his memory, here is a link from the previous post

July 15, 2004.  Excerpts from that 2004 post —

Answers to the first crossword puzzle —
The image “http://www.log24.com/log/pix04A/040715-Selim.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
          . . . .

Here is an illustration of what might
be called, as in the above puzzle, a
 “ten miles pit,” from Forbidden Planet . . . .

The image “http://www.log24.com/log/pix04A/040715-Pit2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Autistic Enchantments

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Log24  on January 31, 2015 — 

Spellbound (continued)

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The New York Times  this morning, in an
obituary for a maker of crossword puzzles :

"… the first known crossword puzzle appeared in
an American newspaper. (Called a 'word-cross'
and shaped like a diamond, it was published in
The New York World  on Sunday, Dec. 21, 1913.)"

See St. Nicholas  magazine, November 1874, p. 59 :

For the answer, see this  journal on Aug. 29, 2002
(with a scene from Spellbound ) and on July 15, 2004.

The 1913 puzzle from above, claiming priority —

A more sophisticated puzzle related to the previous post

A Conway-Norton-Ryba Theorem

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In a book to be published Sept. 5 by Princeton University Press,
John Conway, Simon Norton,  and Alex Ryba present the following
result on order-four magic squares —

A monograph published in 1976, “Diamond Theory,” deals with
more general 4×4 squares containing entries from the Galois fields
GF(2), GF(4), or GF(16).  These squares have remarkable, if not
“magic,” symmetry properties.  See excerpts in a 1977 article.

See also Magic Square and Diamond Theorem in this  journal.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Horn and Hard Art

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Or:   Bee Season  Continues

Click the automat image above to enlarge.
Click the Horn & Hardart image below for the source.

Andreas Feininger, LIFE magazine photos, 1946

See as well Catskills Heaven (Log24 on August 20, 2017) —

The Coen brothers, 2007 screenplay —

(From a novel by Cormac McCarthy)

The Grossman Chronicles* Continue

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"The warnings come after  the spells." — Doctor Strange

* See the footnote to the previous post.

Whose Name Was Writ* in Water

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( Not  the name of  Willem de Kooning. )

Click to enlarge.

* See as well some related posts.


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Escher, 'Verbum,' detail

From a Log24 search 
for Escher Verbum

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

High Concept WW

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The Finkelstein Talisman

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An image in memory of a publisher* who reportedly died
on Saturday, August 26, 2017.  

He and his wife wrote a novel, The Twelve , that has been compared to
the classic film "Village of the Damned." (See a sequel in this journal.)

Magic cube and corresponding hexagram, or Star of David, with faces mapped to lines and edges mapped to points

For more on the image, see posts now tagged The Finkelstein Talisman.


Signs of the Times

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The previous post, together with the New York Times Wire  and the
life in Trieste of the James Joyce family, suggests a review of …

1. Lucia + Crossword in this journal

2. The following Times  items —


Times Style vs. Taylor Swift

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The New York Times  online today —

Taylor Swift's new video —

For Taylor, news from St. Lucia's Day (Dec. 13) 2016 —


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Continued from August 23, 2017.  See a death on that date
reported by a funeral home in Monterey, California.

Midnight Special

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Primitive roots modulo 17

From a Log24 search for "Midnight Special."

Update of 12:45 AM the same night —

"I appreciate simple, iconic and timeless forms —
things that can adapt or serve multiple purposes
and avoid being easily labelled. At the same time,
I love parts and fragments that reveal how things
move or work. Mostly, anything that tells its
own story and isn’t generalized or clad in some
sort of ornamental icing."

— Charlottesville, VA, architect Fred Wolf, who seems
to have been associated with the business name
"Gauss LLC " in Charlottesville.

And I  appreciate bulk apperception.

Monday, August 28, 2017


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"Analysis." — Dr. Robert Ford in "Westworld."  See related posts.

This  journal on August 18, 2017

April 1 Instagram

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See Captain America's special  breakfast
in posts tagged Aesthetic Distance.

See as well Taylor Swift in the previous post and
The School of the New York Times on creating
great branded content:

Look What You Made Me Do

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Or: Modern Muse  (Continued from August 1, 2017)

Click to enlarge.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


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See also earlier posts tagged Profiling Trump.

Sequel (In Memory of Tobe Hooper)

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“I need a photo opportunity, I want a shot at redemption.
 Don’t want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.”

 — Paul Simon

See also John Collier's short story "The Lady on the Grey."

Note that the title of the previous post was "Black Well,"
almost the same as that of Tanner's graphic novel above.

Black Well

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The “Black” of the title refers to the previous post.
For the “Well,” see Hexagram 48.

Related material —

The Galois Tesseract and, more generally, Binary Coordinate Systems.

Extreme Aesthetic Distance

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The previous post suggests an example of
extreme  aesthetic distance.

The word "mosaic" in Max Black —

The same word in a very different  author —

Related historical remarks, for the Church of Synchronology

The above death reportedly occurred on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015.
This journal at 11 AM on that date

Some background —

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Aesthetic Distance

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Naive readers may suppose that this sort of thing is 
related to what has been dubbed "geometric group theory."

It is not. See posts now tagged Aesthetic Distance.

A Looking-Glass War

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Or:  The Confines of Reason

"The confines of reason" vs. the confines of time —

The previous post noted that

Schorske mentioned hopefully "the fresh light of
the present" in 1971.

Some later light [came] from Brian Aldiss in his novel
Frankenstein Unbound , first published in 1973.

Between these two years, in 1972, the band Looking Glass
released what has been called 

"one of Earth's greatest musical compositions, perhaps the greatest."

The Seventh Door Meets the Seventh Function

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The Seventh Function
of Language
A novel by Laurent Binet

The New York Times  
online Aug. 16, 2017, 
in a book review —

"What if . . . Barthes was murdered? . . . in order to
procure a document that Barthes possessed . . . .
That document explained that, beyond the six
functions of language proposed by the Russian
linguist Roman Jakobson, there was a seventh
secret one:  an occult kind of language-use
guaranteed to persuade, a 'magic' power of
control over a listener."

Schorske mentioned hopefully "the fresh light of
the present" in 1971.

Some later light from Brian Aldiss in his novel
Frankenstein Unbound , first published in 1973

Friday, August 25, 2017

Two Paths for the Impersonal Essay

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The above is a variation on a title from last night's post By Degrees.

The Literary Path —

The Hollywood Path —

Further remarks on algebra and space


See as well the above image in yesterday's post  Maori Chess, Vol. 2.

In Memoriam

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From Frankenstein Unbound  by Brian Aldiss —

See also tonight's New York Times  obituaries.

Midnight with Gaitskill

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The above link was suggested by the essay
of the previous post.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

By Degrees

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Emre is the author of the recent “Two Paths for the Personal Essay.”


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Some context for the new novel The Seventh Function

Click image to search Log24 for Gitterkrieg .

Maori Chess, Vol. 2

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This just in

From IMDb

From Radio New Zealand

"Genesis Potini died of a heart attack aged 46
on the 15th August 2011."

The 15th of August in New Zealand overlapped
the 14th of August in the U.S.A.

From a Log24 post, "Sunday Review," on August 14, 2011 —

Part II (from "Marshall, Meet Bagger," July 29):

"Time for you to see the field."


For further details, see the 1985 note
"Generating the Octad Generator."

McLuhan was a Toronto Catholic philosopher.
For related views of a Montreal Catholic philosopher,
see the Saturday evening post.

Maori Chess

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The Decepticons  date above, June 21, 2017, suggests an instance of
that date in this journal —

For the Church of Synchronology, a New York Times  item from  
the above death date, June 21, 2017 —

See as well Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

Some relevant context:  Expanding the Spielraum .

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Deceivers’ Wargames

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See Deceivers and Wargames in this journal.

The Diamond Theorem in Vancouver

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A designer from New Zealand

Happy 10th birthday to the hashtag.


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("Every Picture Tells a Story," continued from August 15 )

Related material — Laughing-Academy Cartography.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


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College to Pilot Pre-Orientation Program
for Members of
'Historically Marginalized Communities'

Headline in The Harvard Crimson , Saturday, August 19, 2017

You know the walls along the border?
They're building them with the
landing pads we used in 'Nam.
Think about that.
—— "Preacher"

Read more: 

Interrupted Flow

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“The interrupted flow of the new poetic language
initiates a discontinuous nature,
which is only revealed piecemeal." — Roland Barthes

From Le degré zéro de l'écriture , published in 1953 by Editions du Seuil ,
translated into English by Annette Lavers and Colin Smith as 
Writing Degree Zero  and published in 1967 by Jonathan Cape Ltd.

Link Degree Zero

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From a 2009-2016 exhibition by David Link

Related material —

The object now sails slowly ahead, before starting to climb up and up, until it docks some way up in the discourse. And it sits there glowing. Yes, in an elevated position, just as Roland Barthes describes it in Writing Degree Zero . We let the magnifying glass glide over Barthes’s text, and see the word “discontinuous.” We carefully study a sentence we love: “The interrupted flow of the new poetic language initiates a discontinuous nature, which is only revealed piecemeal. At the very moment when the withdrawal of functions obscures the relations existing in the world, the object in discourse assumes an exalted place.” It is absolutely no surprise that at this point we have the picture of a luminous green prism sailing in through the dark and taking an exalted place on our retina, a bit like when you’ve been staring too hard at a lamp on the ceiling and then close your eyes! How strange, we think, that a sentence that was written to explain an aspect of modern poetry can have roughly the same effect on our imagination as science fiction. In particular, the phrase A DISCONTINUOUS NATURE, WHICH IS ONLY REVEALED PIECEMEAL makes us imagine a vast darkness and then rectangular blocks of bright green sections of nature, and they are not lined up as such, but appear in flashes. The blocks of bright green and sudden nature appear in flashes.

Gunnhild Øyehaug, from 
"The Object Assumes an Exalted Place in the Discourse,"
in Knots: Stories  (pp. 139-140).
Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Kindle Edition.
Knots  was first published in 2004, in Norwegian.

Monday, August 21, 2017


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Continued.  Alexander Pope —

"Heaven from all creatures hides the book of Fate,
All but the page prescribed, their present state:
From brutes what men, from men what spirits know:
Or who could suffer being here below?"

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Catskills Heaven

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The New York Times  today

"His parents, Danny and Rae Levitch, were entertainers —
his father a song-and-dance man, his mother a pianist —
who used the name Lewis when they appeared in
small-time vaudeville and at Catskills resort hotels."

The Coen brothers, 2007 screenplay

(From a novel by Cormac McCarthy)

Hillbilly Hell

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"Clog, therefore, purple Jack and crimson Jill." — Wallace Stevens

"A 1991 PBS documentary called Dancing Outlaw  introduced the world to the life and times of gas-huffing, vengeance-seeking, tap-dancin’ Jesco White. White Lightnin’ , which premiered recently at Sundance, is British director Dominic Murphy’s reportedly more surreal take on this fabled Appalachian anti-hero. While not locked in reform school, work camps, or the psych ward, the young Jesco White learned his special breed of clog dancing from his father, who was eventually killed in a random act of hillbilly violence. In White Lightnin'  Jesco picks up his daddy’s tap shoes and hits the road, where he comes to grips with the art, addiction, and madness that have plagued his violent life story. And somewhere along the way he meets his wife, played by none other than Carrie Fisher. While David D’Arcy speaks almost fondly of White Lightnin' s redneck-exploitation (he was probably stretching for other ways to describe this “hillbilly slasher saga”), Dennis Harvey was less enchanted by the film’s 'pretentious glimpse of hillbilly hell.' Most early reviews are apprehensive about the film’s distribution chances unless its grotesque lyricism finds a niche market. But I can't imagine this, being the first film written by the co-founders of Vice Magazine , not generating more distribution steam in the near future. If anyone knows how to generate buzz it is those guys."

MLeary review, January 28, 2009, 12:58 AM


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Decorations for a Cartoon Graveyard, Continued .

See also some remarks by Wallace Stevens
from a 2016 post "For Crimson Jill."

Enigmatic and Circuitous

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Related searches —





Saturday, August 19, 2017


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From a political kingmaker's online NY Times  obituary this evening —

" 'I have been criticized for 20 years for running
ideologically arched campaigns,' he told the National
Conservative Political Action Conference in 1991
. 'I plead guilty.' "

To check the unfamiliar usage "ideologically arched," see minute 35:02 on
the linked video. The word may actually have been "harsh," not "arched."

For an arched  campaign, see the previous post,  App . Some background —

A Village Voice —

"Arthur Jay Finkelstein was born on May 18, 1945, in the East New York
section of Brooklyn, the son of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.
His father, Morris, was a cabby. His mother was the former Zella Ordanksi.
The family moved to Levittown, on Long Island, when he was 11, then to
Queens, where he graduated from Forest Hills High School.

In 1967, Mr. Finkelstein earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and
political science from Queens College. As a student, he sometimes shared
a college radio program with Ayn Rand, the author and philosopher whose
laissez-faire capitalism he would fiercely defend in street-corner debates in
Greenwich Village." — Sam Roberts of The New York Times 


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From a trailer for the 2013 Dutch film "App" —

From the online New York Times  yesterday —

See also Overarching + Symmetry  in this  journal.

Friday, August 18, 2017


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Shermer, Thompson Thompson, Shermer.

"In this one book, Thompson’s muse
seems to have led him perfectly."

— Stephen King, 2011 foreword to a 1952 novel:

See also Shermer in this  journal.

Quarter to Four

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The Savvy Philosophers

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Flashback in Genial, a post of March 6, 2017 —

From a New York Times  book review today by
James Ryerson, instructor at The School of The New York Times —

"Savvy philosophers distill their core insight into a short phrase."

"Let them eat cake."

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Down in the Jungle Room

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See also other posts now tagged Jungle Room.

For Time Cube Fans

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Operation Blockhead continues


See also Weyl + Palermo in this journal.


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This post was suggested by a detail, the number 777, on the cover of the
American edition of the novel discussed in yesterday morning's post Punctum.

Saturday May 3, 2008

m759 @ 11:07 PM

“Teach us to
 number our days.”

– Psalm 90, verse 12

The New Yorker,
issue dated Oct. 1, 2007 —

James Wood on Robert Alter’s
new translation of the Psalms

“At any time, God can cancel a life. ‘So teach us to number our days,’ as the King James Version has it, ‘that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.’….

The ancient Hebrew word for the shadowy underworld where the dead go, Sheol, was Christianized as ‘Hell,’ even though there is no such concept in the Hebrew Bible. Alter prefers the words ‘victory’ and ‘rescue’ as translations of yeshu’ah, and eschews the Christian version, which is the heavily loaded ‘salvation.’ And so on. Stripping his English of these artificial cleansers, Alter takes us back to the essence of the meaning. Suddenly, in a world without Heaven, Hell, the soul, and eternal salvation or redemption, the theological stakes seem more local and temporal: ‘So teach us to number our days.’”

Today’s numbers from the
Pennsylvania Lottery:

PA Lottery Saturday, May 3, 2008: Mid-day 510, Evening 724

which, being interpreted,
is 5/10 and 7/24.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


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Or:  Every Picture Tells a Story  (Continued)

Related material —

The New York Times  online today, in a book review

"What if . . . Barthes was murdered? . . . in order to
procure a document that Barthes possessed . . . .
That document explained that, beyond the six
functions of language proposed by the Russian
linguist Roman Jakobson, there was a seventh
secret one:  an occult kind of language-use
guaranteed to persuade, a 'magic' power of
control over a listener."

See also Barthes in this  journal.

"Down in the Jungle Room" — Marc Cohn

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Uploading

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A song for the Annie of WarGames  (2008)

Uploaded to YouTube on April 6, 2008.

To the Dark Tower

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See also Dark Tower in this  journal.

Every Picture Tells a Story

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Hexagram 15:

See also remarks today by David Brooks at The New York Times .

Monday, August 14, 2017

Chess Records

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In memory of a Chess Records star who died on March 18, 2017

Sound Track

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Two songs by Chuck Berry on Chess Records in 1958

Sweet Little Sixteen  and  Sweet Little Rock and Roller .

Rock and Roller  begins

She's 9 years old and sweet as she can be
All dressed up like a downtown Christmas tree
Dancin' and hummin' a rock-roll melody

For meditations on Sixteen , see Berry + Sixteen in this journal.

A meditation on Rock and Roller —

Related material — From the above post's date,
March 21, 2017, a memoir by one Siva Vaidhyanathan,
"Robertson Professor of Media Studies and Director of
the Center for Media and Citizenship at the University of Virginia."

Visual Impact

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Alan Moore on the 9-panel grid

See also posts now tagged "Go Set."

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Compare and Contrast

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From The Atlantic , September 2017 issue, online —
"How America Lost Its Mind," by former Harvard Lampoon  
writer Kurt Andersen

The Atlantic 's embedded Google ad for "Quantum Space Elements"
is, by the way, completely unrelated to similar-sounding work on 
models of space in finite geometry (cf. tsimtsum . . .

The Red Pill

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"We have passed through the looking glass
and down the rabbit hole."

Kurt Andersen in the Sept. 2017 Atlantic

See as well "the desert of the real" and, 
for comparison, College of the Desert in this  journal.

Limit Sermon

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See also last night's post Logos .


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In memoriam —

Zadeh is known for the unfortunate phrase "fuzzy logic."

Not-so-fuzzy related material —

“Lord Arglay had a suspicion that the Stone would be
purely logical.  Yes, he thought, but what, in that sense,
were the rules of its pure logic?”

Many Dimensions  (1931), by Charles Williams

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Images from 1984

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For the author of a Harvard Crimson  opinion piece yesterday on 1984 ,
two images adapted from a 1984 film —

Mola Ram from 'Temple of Doom'

See also, in this  journal, Hume's phrase "perfect nonentity."

Friday, August 11, 2017

Symmetry’s Lifeboat

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A post suggested by the word tzimtzum  (see Wednesday)
or tsimtsum  (see this morning) —

Lifeboat from the Tsimtsum  in Life of Pi  —

Another sort of tsimtsum, contracting infinite space to a finite space —

IMAGE- Desargues's theorem in light of Galois geometry

Archimedes for Jews

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"Much like the irrational number pi,
the primal tsimtsum transforms
an infinite circle into a measured line."

— Tzvi Freeman at Chabad.org

Circle and line according to Archimedes

 The College Mathematics Journal , 46, No. 3 (May 2015), pp. 162–171

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gravity’s Countdown

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From Gravity's Rainbow  ((Penguin Classics paperback, June 1, 1995) —


Wednesday, August 9, 2017


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For those whose only interest in mathematics
is as a path to the occult —

See also Coxeter's Aleph.


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"She wrote her doctoral thesis, which was supervised
by Friedrichs, on the stability of a spherical implosion
and was awarded her Ph.D. in 1951."


See also a related Google Image Search.

For images from the reported date of Morawetz's death,
see Theology for Child Buyers.

Update of 2:56 PM ET Friday, August 11, 2017 —

Legacy.com and NYU now report that Morawetz died
on Tue., Aug. 8, not, as the AMS reported, on Mon., Aug. 7.
(The AMS has now corrected its error.)

For sloppiness about mathematics that echoes this
sloppiness about dates, see a post of Tue., Aug. 8.

War Game: 8/09

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"Fire and Fury  is one of the most popular
historical military miniatures wargames . . . .

For the new player it is an easy game
to learn and enjoy." 


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

July 29 Podcast

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Discuss whether Knudson's phrase "essentially says" is correct.

For the Church of Synchronology

The above Forbes article is dated July 29, the date of death for 
Landon T. Clay, founder of Clay Mathematics Institute.

For remarks related to that date, see posts tagged Prize Problem
in this  journal.

Cube Quaternions

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See posts now tagged with the above title.

IMAGE- Quaternion group acting on an eightfold cube

Monday, August 7, 2017

Snowflakes and Unicorns

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Don't forget the apple.

Putting the “Times” in “New York Times”

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See also Noon for London in this  journal on the
above "Starting to See Pictures" upload date in 2016.

For a tale about that date, April 4, see today's  noon post.


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From Blockbuster, a post of Friday, August 4, 2017 —

The article suggests a look at  a July 3 Times  review of the life
of Jan Fontein, a former Boston Museum of Fine Arts director —

"Mr. Fontein’s time as director coincided with
the nationwide rise of the blockbuster exhibition,
and he embraced the concept. 'There was such a thing
as a contemplative museum, but I don’t think that can
survive anymore,' he told Newsweek  in 1978."

From The New York Times  this evening —

"Mr. Roth made his mark at the Victoria and Albert
with record-breaking exhibitions focused on
David Bowie in 2013, Alexander McQueen in 2015
and The Beatles and the youth revolution of the 1960s
in 2016."

Related material —

Record-breaking in this journal and Sunday in the Park with Death.

Theology for Child Buyers

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For the title, see Child Buyer in this journal.

Algul Siento , campus atop a mesa, from the new film "The Dark Tower"

Hell as the Westworld Mesa Hub

Theology for Westworld

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"Serve in Heaven …
or reign in Hell?
Which is it to be?"

— David in "Alien: Covenant" (2017)

Other mythological tales —

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dark Tower Theology

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In memory of a TV gunslinger who reportedly died Thursday, August 3, 2017 . . .

From this journal on that day (posts now tagged Dark Tower Theology) —

"The concept under review is that of the Holy Trinity.
  See also, in this  journal, Cube Trinity.
  For a simpler Trinity model, see the three-point line  "

"Would that it were so simple."

Ides of March 2006

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Recent remarks related to the July 29 death of Landon T. Clay
suggest a review of a notable figure associated with Clay.

From a 2006 obituary of mathematician George Mackey

"A deep thinker whose work in representation theory,
group actions, and functional analysis helped
bring closer together the fields of math and physics,
Dr. Mackey died March 15 of complications from
pneumonia. He was 90, had lived in Cambridge, and
was Landon T. Clay professor emeritus at Harvard University."

Bryan Marquard, Boston Globe, April 28, 2006

See also this  journal on the date of Mackey's death (posts now tagged
Ides of March 2006).


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"Simone Weil said that morality
was a matter of attention not of will.
We need a new vocabulary of attention."

— Iris Murdoch, "Against Dryness"

Saturday, August 5, 2017


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"A tight story is one thing, but a 95-minute feature
that is unable to give even the slightest inkling
that it’s based on a grand-scale epic masterpiece
is something else entirely."

— Kate Erbland, "The Dark Tower" film review
     at IndieWire.com, Aug. 2, 2017

From a not-so-slight Inkling, a word to the wise —

—  From an editorial glossary to "Ósanwe-kenta," by J.R.R. Tolkien

See as well posts now tagged Enda's Game.

Friday, August 4, 2017


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Landon T. Clay, founder of the Clay Mathematics Institute,
reportedly died on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

See related Log24 posts, now tagged Prize Problem,
from the date of Clay's death and the day before.

Update of 9 PM ET on August 4, 2017 —

Other mathematics discussed here on the date of Clay's death —

MSRI Program. Here MSRI is pronounced "Misery."

Update of 9:45 PM ET on August 4, 2017 —


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This post was suggested by a  New York Times  article online today
about an upcoming exhibition at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts —

"A version of this article appears in print on August 6, 2017,
on Page AR2 of the New York edition with the headline:

Art;  Woodblock Smackdown!."

The article suggests a look at  a July 3 Times  review of the life of
Jan Fontein, a former Boston Museum of Fine Arts director —

"Mr. Fontein’s time as director coincided with
the nationwide rise of the blockbuster exhibition,
and he embraced the concept. 'There was such a thing
as a contemplative museum, but I don’t think that can
survive anymore,' he told Newsweek  in 1978."

Fontein died at 89 on May 19, 2017. See Dharmadhatu — a Log24 post
of July 4, 2017 — and its link to posts tagged May 19 Gestalt.


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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Glitter at the Dark Tower

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"The centre of transformations that
Transform for transformation's self,

In a glitter that is a life, a gold
That is a being, a will, a fate."

— Wallace Stevens, "Human Arrangement"

From "The Dark Tower," a post of July 9, 2016 —

See also a search for Glitter in this journal.

Poetic Theology at the New York Times

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Or:  Trinity Test Site

From the New York Times Book Review  of
next Sunday, August 6, 2017 —

"In a more conventional narrative sequence,
even a sequence of poems,
this interpenetration would acquire
sequence and evolution." [Link added.]

The concept under review is that of the Holy Trinity.

See also, in this  journal, Cube Trinity.

For a simpler Trinity model, see the three-point line  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cold and Unforgiving Erudition

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"It's clear that you believe nothing will ever outrank
your cold and unforgiving erudition,
however, everything you think is based,
even at the most basic neuronal level,
on the way you connect a long line of dots."

— Mary Jo Bang, "The Game of Roles" (Summer 2016)

See as well posts tagged Dots in this journal.

Related material at a basic level —

See also History of Geometry in this journal.

Prequel …

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(To the previous post)

For the rest of the prequel, see New York Values (Jan. 17, 2016).

End of Feed

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Wallace Stevens died when I was a boy …

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"Refined interpretation requires that you know that
someone once said the offspring of reality and illusion
is only a staggering confusion."

— Poem, "The Game of Roles," by Mary Jo Bang

Related material for those perplexed by such Verhexung

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Poetry in Action

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The title is that of the cover essay in 
the Sunday, August 6, 2017, issue
of The New York Times Book Review .

From a poem on page 17 —

"Avoidance of boredom drives the body forward."

By the same poet, Mary Jo Bang

"A circular mirror of the social order is something
like a master with an exclusive club membership
until a woman comes through the revolving door."

These remarks, and the life of Matthew Vaughn, director of
"X-Men: First Class" and other films (cf. this morning's post 
Dichotomy), suggest a review of the Nobel Flashback post
of October 6, 2016. A retitled sample —

Avoidance of Boredom

Auto Detailing

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Megan Fox in "Transformers" (2007) —

Background from January 25, 2017

"Remembering speechlessly we seek
the great forgotten language,
the lost lane-end into heaven,
a stone, a leaf, an unfound door.
Where? When?" — Thomas Wolfe 


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"National and educational contexts call for
appropriately tailored arguments."

— Gabriel H. Karger in The Harvard Crimson , July 27, 2017,
"Freedom and Final Clubs: The Wrong Dichotomy"

Related material —

Modern Muse

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From a 1987 review of the Stephen King novel Misery :

"In other words, for all her craziness, Annie Wilkes
becomes Paul Sheldon's literary muse, and as muses go
she probably isn't too much worse than average,
her main fault being a tendency to punish more literally
than most muses do."

— Christopher Lehmann-Haupt in The New York Times

From the Estée Lauder website :

"Who is a Modern Muse? The description of
our iconic fragrance says it all . . . ."

A rival product


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