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From this journal on All Hallows' Eve 2007

"God demands scrutiny beyond his menacingly comic aspects."

— Harold Bloom on José Saramago's The Gospel According to
Jesus Christ 
 (1991). Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize 
in Literature in 1998. 

The Hamilton watch from "Interstellar" (2014) —

Friday, August 30, 2019

Things of August

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Those who prefer entertainment may consult Bright Club (August 4).


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"From an early age she aspired to be a ballet dancer,
and, though never the sveltest girl en point, at 16
she landed a job in the corps de ballet at Radio City Music Hall."

— From a New York Times  obituary this evening


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See as well posts tagged Go Set.

Doctor Sleep Meets the Padre

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The Coxeter Aleph

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The previous post displayed part of a page from
a newspaper published the day Olivia Newton-John
turned 21 — Friday, September 26, 1969.

A meditation, with apologies to Coleridge:

In Xanadu did Newton-John
A stately pleasure-square decree
Where Aleph the sacred symbol ran
Through subsquares measureless to man.

A related video —

Beware, beware, her flashing eyes, her floating hair:

Set design —

As opposed to block design

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Spirits Rise

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"In real life, Sophia Lillis loves horror…."

— https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/

"Spirits rise and their dance is unrehearsed…." 

— A nightmare song by Barbra Streisand

But not, perhaps, horror in real life . . .

Poe Street Dead End

Plan 9

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Continuing the themes of the last three posts, which
are now also tagged News Women . . .

"publishDate":"04-07-2017 01:48"


As Well

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For some backstory, see
http://m759.net/wordpress/?s=”I+Ching”+48+well .

See as well elegantly packaged” in this journal.

“Well” in written Chinese is the hashtag symbol,
i.e., the framework of a 3×3 array.

My own favorite 3×3 array is the ABC subsquare
at lower right in the figure below —

'Desargues via Rosenhain'- April 1, 2013- The large Desargues configuration mapped canonically to the 4x4 square



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See "Anastas…" in this journal.

Fashion News for Fury Road

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Charlize Theron in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' says 'Redemption.'

The Fashion Eagle…

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Or:   404 Found!  continued.

For Carol Danvers* (Battle Angel )**

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* See Wikipedia and the previous post.

** See Into the Sunset (Aug. 24).

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Influenz , by Paul Klee —

"One of the most influential of modern thinkers . . . ."

As is Stan Lee . . .

"Watch the trailer." — This journal on Eliza Doolittle Day, 2012 .

Carol and Thor... 'easily the best part' in 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer

The Sign

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From Catherine Asaro’s  The Spacetime Pool  :

She gaped at him. “Do you mean a Riemann sheet?  A branch cut from one Riemann sheet to another?”

“That’s right.” He hesitated. “You know these words?”

She laughed unsteadily. “It’s nonsense. Not the sheets, I mean, but they’re just mathematical constructs! They don’t actually exist. You can’t physically go through  a branch cut any more than you could step into a square root sign.”

See Dream Palace (June 23, 2014) and today's previous post.


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Le Supplement

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Click TLS image for the source.

Tiger’s Leap  to 1905

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Walter Benjamin on 'a tiger's leap into the past'

See other posts
now tagged
Crosswicks Curse.


Click to enlarge:

Block Designs?

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tiger Leaps

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Walter Benjamin on 'a tiger's leap into the past'

See also Tiger in this journal, esp.

The image “http://www.log24.com/log/pix05/050123-Tiger.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.   and . . .

other "Death and the Spirit" posts.

Dark Screwball Link

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A broken link found in the search results of 
the previous post suggests a review . . .

Dark Screwball

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See the title in this journal.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Lucy Noir

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Roll With It

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See Nov. 22, 2009.

“I need a photo opportunity” — Paul Simon

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Photo Opportunity , courtesy of Leni Riefenstahl — Click to enlarge.


From Paul Simon's dreaded Cartoon Graveyard


The Riefenstahl publication above was suggested by . . .

Firsts:  Farmer’s Daughter

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See as well the firsts of Sophia Lillis (Saturday, August 24).

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Logos for Ito

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Burning Man and Sugar Labs logos

An Epstein Requiem

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"Look at what you've done
Why, you've become a grown-up girl"

See also September Morn in this  journal.

The Globe Icon

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Design Theory

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"Mein Führer Steiner"

See Hitler Plans and Quadruple System.

"There is  such a thing as a quadruple system."

— Saying adapted from a 1962 young-adult novel

Math for Space Groupies

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See as well posts now tagged Helsinki Math in this journal.

"And you think parallel parking is hard?"

A Solid Point

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"Show me all  the blueprints."

For Harlan Kane* — The Rittenberg Saga

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* See Kane in this  journal.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Into the Sunset

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Every picture tells a story .

The A Team —

The Z Team —

The Dongle

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The Tale of  24

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Sophia in Storyville*

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The Firsts of Sophia Lillis

* See the previous post.  Related material:
The Lolita Express  and Magic Carpet Ride.

For those who prefer Tell . . .

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(The title refers to the previous post.)

"There is a house in New Orleans
Not the one you've heard about,
I'm talking about another house.
They spoke of gold in the cellar
That a Spanish gentleman had left…"

Song lyric by David Berman suggested by
his New Yorker  elegy

"Reddington and Vesco are watching the opera,
and the plan begins."

Friday, August 23, 2019

Show and Tell

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I prefer Show.

Times Icons

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Hits the Spot

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Thursday, August 22, 2019


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In reply to a post by David Justice this afternoon,
"Wardrobe Malfunction."

From a three-part meditation on Sept. 30, 2008:

For less high-minded meditations, see Tony Stark in today's
previous post

"Tony Stark: That's how I wished it happened.
Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing, or BARF.
God, I gotta work on that acronym.
An extremely costly method of hijacking the
hippocampus to . . . clear traumatic memories. Huh."

Working on that acronym . . .


Real Presences

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The "Real Presences" title is from the Aug. 20 post "Inception."
See also the real presences in a recent book by J. D. Vance —

"Mom was, everyone told me, the smartest person
they knew. And I believed it. She was definitely the
smartest person I knew."

— Vance, J. D., Hillbilly Elegy  (pp. 65-66).
Harper Paperbacks. Kindle Edition. 

And not so real . . .


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Language Evolution

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See the title in this journal.

See too .  .  .

and, exploring Burroway's "nature of identity"


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Continued  (from previous post) . . .

British cover (2011) for 'From Eternity to Here,' by Sean Carroll

Time Fold Revisited

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British cover (2011) for 'From Eternity to Here,' by Sean Carroll

(Oneworld Publications, Jan. 3, 2011)

Compare and contrast with an illustration
from "Time Fold," a webpage of Oct. 10, 2003 —

See also the Squarespace logo:

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Ice Giants and Fire Gods: Mind the Gap

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From my reading Monday morning —

From the online New York Times  this afternoon —

Related literature —

For the Church of Synchronology

The Gigantomachia page above is dated September 20, 2003.
See as well my own webpage from that date: "The Form, the Pattern."


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 "The inception  of critical thought, of a philosophic
anthropology, is contained in the archaic Greek definition
of man as a 'language-animal'…."

— George Steiner, Real Presences

A schoolgirl in 1961 —

"Non, rien de rien…"

— Edith Piaf

"I get a kick though it's clear to see,
You obviously don't adore me."

— Cole Porter

Monday, August 19, 2019

A Couple of Tots

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The title is from the post "Child's Play" of May 21, 2012 . . .

"It seems that only one course is open to the philosopher
who values knowledge and truth above all else. He must
refuse to accept from the champions of the forms the
doctrine that all reality is changeless [and exclusively
immaterial], and he must turn a deaf ear to the other party
who represent reality as everywhere changing [and as only
material]. Like a child begging for 'both', he must declare
that reality or the sum of things is both at once  [το όν τε και
το παν συναμφότερα] (Sophist  246a-249d)."

Related material —

"Schoolgirl Space: 1984 Revisited" (July 9, 2019) and
posts tagged Tetrahedron vs. Square.

Gods and Giants

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For “the Pergamum altar,” see Pergamon in this journal.

See also . . .

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Structure at Pergamon

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Some background for The Epstein Chronicles

“What modern painters
are trying to do,
if they only knew it,
is paint invariants.”

— James J. Gibson, Leonardo,
Vol. 11, pp. 227-235.
Pergamon Press Ltd., 1978

See also Robert Maxwell,
Frank Oppenheimer,
and the history of Leonardo .

Click the above Pergamon Press image
for Pergamon-related material.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Crystalline Complexity

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Burroway on Hustvedt in The New York Times ,
Sunday, March 9, 2003 —

See as well "Putting the Structure  in Structuralism."

Art by Google

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In memory of De Niro's gallerist —

Settings and Tools ,  pixels, 2019

See also Jar Story.


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See a Log24 search for "solid.html."

Friday, August 16, 2019

Stanza Romanza

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Wallace Stevens's 'a million diamonds' quote in Woodman's 'Stanza My Stone'

For those who prefer greater clarity than is offered by Stevens . . .

The A section —

The B section —

"A paper from Helsinki in 2005 says there are more than a million
3-(16,4,1) block designs, of which only one has an automorphism
group of order 322,560. This is the affine 4-space over GF(2)."


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IMAGE- 'Nocciolo': A 'kernel' for Pascal's Hexagrammum Mysticum: The 15 2-subsets of a 6-set as points in a Galois geometry.

A revision of the above diagram showing
the Galois-addition-table structure —

Related tables from August 10

See "Schoolgirl Space Revisited."

The Psychiatric Toolbox

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Annals of Self-Medication

(Click for a related post.)

The image “http://www.log24.com/log/pix06A/060811-Bottle.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Schoolgirl Space — Tetrahedron or Square?

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The exercise in the previous post  was suggested by a passage
purporting to "use standard block design theory" that was written
by some anonymous author at Wikipedia on March 1, 2019:

Here "rm OR" apparently means "remove original research."

Before the March 1 revision . . .

The "original research" objected to and removed was the paragraph
beginning "To explain this further."  That paragraph was put into the
article earlier on Feb. 28 by yet another anonymous author (not  by me).

An account of my own (1976 and later) original research on this subject 
is pictured below, in a note from Feb. 20, 1986 —

'The relativity problem in finite geometry,' 1986

On Steiner Quadruple Systems of Order 16

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An image from a Log24 post of March 5, 2019

Cullinane's 1978  square model of PG(3,2)

The following paragraph from the above image remains unchanged
as of this morning at Wikipedia:

"A 3-(16,4,1) block design has 140 blocks of size 4 on 16 points,
such that each triplet of points is covered exactly once. Pick any
single point, take only the 35 blocks containing that point, and
delete that point. The 35 blocks of size 3 that remain comprise
a PG(3,2) on the 15 remaining points."

Exercise —

Prove or disprove the above assertion about a general "3-(16,4,1) 
block design," a structure also known as a Steiner quadruple system
(as I pointed out in the March 5 post).

Relevant literature —

A paper from Helsinki in 2005* says there are more than a million
3-(16,4,1) block designs, of which only one has an automorphism
group of order 322,560. This is the affine 4-space over GF(2),
from which PG(3,2) can be derived using the well-known process
from finite geometry described in the above Wikipedia paragraph.

* "The Steiner quadruple systems of order 16," by Kaski et al.,
   Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A  
Volume 113, Issue 8, 
   November 2006, pages 1764-1770.

What of the Night?

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Excerpts from Log24 on Feb. 19, 2016:

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

For the Stephen King Institute*

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* The title refers to The Institute , by Stephen King, a novel
   to be published on September 10, 2019.

Double Veil

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"If you want to win, you need to know just one thing and not to waste your time
on anything else: the pleasures of erudition are reserved for losers. The more
a person knows, the more things have gone wrong."

— Eco, Umberto. Numero Zero  (p. 9). HMH Books. Kindle Edition. 

"All this notwithstanding, I dreamed what all losers dream, about one day writing
a book that would bring me fame and fortune. To learn how to become a great
writer, I became what in the last century was called the nègre  (or ghostwriter,
as they say today, to be politically correct) for an author of detective stories who
gave himself an American name to improve sales, like the actors in spaghetti
westerns. But I enjoyed working in the shadows, hidden behind a double veil
(the Other’s and the Other’s other name)."

— Eco, Umberto. Numero Zero  (pp. 9-10). HMH Books. Kindle Edition. 

How's this for a double veil, Umberto?

Boeing/Being Meets the Flying Spaghetti Monster . . .

The Mask of Zero

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For the title, see Zero: Both Real and Imaginary (a Log24 search).

The title was suggested by the previous post, by Zorro Ranch,
by the classic 1967 film The Producers , and by . . .

Related material —

Vanity Fair  on Sept. 8, 2017, celebrated the young actress
who played Beverly Marsh in the 2017 film version of
Stephen King's IT . See a post from her 12th birthday —
"Winter's Game" — that touches upon Maori themes.

More generally, see Bester + Deceivers in this  journal.

And for the Church of Synchronology . . .
See posts related to the above Vanity Fair  date.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Putting the Structure  in Structuralism

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The Matrix of Lévi-Strauss —

(From his “Structure and Form: Reflections on a Work by Vladimir Propp.”
Translated from a 1960 work in French. It appeared in English as
Chapter VIII of Structural Anthropology, Volume 2  (U. of Chicago Press, 1976).
Chapter VIII was originally published in Cahiers de l’Institut de Science
Économique Appliquée 
, No. 9 (Series M, No. 7) (Paris: ISEA, March 1960).)

The structure  of the matrix of Lévi-Strauss —

Illustration from Diamond Theory , by Steven H. Cullinane (1976).

The relevant field of mathematics is not Boolean algebra, but rather
Galois geometry.

The E-Girl Chronicles

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The article below suggests a review of other posts now tagged E-Girls.

From the Terrace*

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* The title is that of a 1958 novel by John O'Hara.
   See as well other instances of the title in this journal.

The Central Myth

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Wikipedia on film producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura
(Harvard AB (1980) in Intellectual History*) —

“His tenure at Warner Bros. included discovering and
shepherding The Matrix  into production, and the
purchase of the rights to the Harry Potter  books by
J. K. Rowling.”

From the previous post

“But he enters into the central myth of
this book at another, higher level as well;
for he is an artist, a potter . . . .

— Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty on
Claude Lévi-Strauss, author of
The Jealous Potter

* See as well “What is Intellectual History?” and
Magic for Liars .

Monday, August 12, 2019


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See also Dueling Formulas in this  journal.

Never-Ending Toy Story

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" … this beautiful love story . . . ."

An image from the previous post:

The above line "From the producer of Transformers " suggests
a story from March 18, 2019 . . .

      Misreading the words of di Bonaventura
yields a phrase that might be applied to 
the Church of Rome . . .
     "A franchise based on release dates." 
See dies natalis  in this journal.

     For the Church of Synchronology, see
the above di Bonaventura date, March 18.

     Then there is the Church of Cubism . . .

     "Before time began, there was the Cube."
     — Optimus Prime, Transformers , 2007

Oslo Variations

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An illustration (slightly revised) from All Souls' Day 2010

Click to enlarge.

An illustration from a post of January 11, 2019 —

Advertisement for another January 11, 2019, event —

For related cinematic remarks, see Dabbling in this journal.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Culture Desk

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American Songwriters (the Petrusich versions)

The New Yorker  Culture Desk online yesterday —

The New Yorker  Culture Desk onine July 16 —

Related aesthetic meditation from  this  journal on July 16

(From the post "Schoolgirl Space for Quantum Mystics")

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Schoolgirl Space* Revisited:

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The Square "Inscape" Model of
the Generalized Quadrangle W(2)

Click image to enlarge.

* The title refers to the role of PG (3,2) in Kirkman's schoolgirl problem.
For some backstory, see my post Anticommuting Dirac Matrices as Skew Lines
and, more generally, posts tagged Dirac and Geometry.

Frases de Cómic

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The Quad

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See also Formaggio  in this journal.

Muse Score

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Design Theory

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Click to enlarge:

Block Designs?

The Next Thing

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From posts tagged The Next Thing

an apt illustration can be found on the cover of
the 1943 first edition of Hesse's Glasperlenspiel 


See also Stevens's use of the phrase "heaven-haven"
in "Notes" (1942), the original plan of New Haven,
and related scholia in this journal.


Todo lo sé por el lucero puro
que brilla en la diadema de la Muerte.

– Rubén Darío

An academic work from 2003 discusses Stevens's "Notes"
as "a perfect geometric whole."

Note that "perfect" means "complete, finished, done."


For Wright State University

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That university, in Dayton, Ohio, appeared in the previous post.

A curious recent wardrobe choice in Dayton suggests a review
of posts tagged Mathmagic Land.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Presence of a Cello*

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Bylsma reportedly died on July 25.  This  journal on that date

* See an article dated 11 April 2014 in Physics Today .

Hellfire vs. Правда (“Truth”)

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Representing Hellfire — CNN, as above.

Representing Truth —

The Embedding

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(Continued from Nov. 28, 2010)

High Definition

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See also the August 6 post Black Fire.

Release Date

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From this  journal on that date

Piano roll for "I am sixteen going on seventeen" —

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


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Recent posts now tagged Black Fire suggest some context . . .


Meditations on the Portals of the Imagination 

by Grace Dane Mazur, A K Peters/CRC Press;
first edition November 8, 2010

Interviewer's questions to the author (Feb. 4, 2011) —

"This book fuses together literature, art, science, history,
certainly the underworld–so many different points of obsession
for you, and you move so swiftly among them. It feels like a
magnum opus in that way. Where do you go from here?
After the hinges of hell, what comes next?"

The reviews?


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Arts:  Boom-Booms Meet Pom-Poms

Filed under: General — m759 @ 11:41 AM

Exploring  Schoolgirl  Space  (July 8) continues.

"Eh Fatty Boom-Boom
Hit me with the Ching-Ching"

— Song lyric

Category: Tech — Identicons for Crichton*

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* See Crichton's Rising Sun  in this  journal.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Black Fire

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(Continued from earlier posts now also tagged Black Fire.)

The Final Page

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Mathematics and Narrative:  The Crosswicks Curse Continues.

Filed under: General — m759 @ 7:03 PM

"There is  such a thing as a desktop."

— Saying adapted from a 1962 young-adult novel.

Monday, August 5, 2019

The Structure of Nada

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“What did he fear? It was not a fear or dread, It was a nothing that he knew too well. It was all a nothing and a man was a nothing too. It was only that and light was all it needed and a certain cleanness and order. Some lived in it and never felt it but he knew it all was nada y pues nada y nada y pues nada. Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada. Give us this nada our daily nada and nada us our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us not into nada but deliver us from nada; pues nada. Hail nothing full of nothing, nothing is with thee. He smiled and stood before a bar with a shining steam pressure coffee machine.”

— From Ernest Hemingway,
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place


Sanskrit (transliterated) —

  the universal sound, vibration.

“So Nada Brahma  means not only God the Creator
is sound; but also (and above all), Creation, the cosmos,
the world, is sound.  And: Sound is the world.”

— Joachim-Ernst Berendt,   
   author of Nada Brahma


Grace under Pressure  meets  Phonons under Strain .

Blue Guitar

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This flashback was suggested by the following date —

February 26, 2014 —

Related material — The Church of Synchronology.

Flowers for Barry

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(Continued from a post of Pi Day 2009, "Flowers for Barry,"
and from a post of  July 5, 2019, "Darkly Enchanting") —

From this  journal on 5 juillet 2019

Related material —

Grace Dane ("Gretchen") Mazur on Black Fire —

Sunday, August 4, 2019

For Norway’s August 5

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Bright Club

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An image from "Blackboard Jungle," 1955 —

IMAGE- Richard Kiley in 'Blackboard Jungle,' with grids and broken records

"Through the unknown, remembered gate . . . ."

— T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Note for the Stephen King Institute*

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Worldcon 2019

* See Marginalia in this journal.

Butterfield’s Eight

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What is going on in this picture?

Old Cape Cod

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The Therefore Trinity

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As:  A Four-Set

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Crosswicks Revisited

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"There is  such a thing as a four-set."

Friday, August 2, 2019

The 7/11 Meditation

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Different Meanings:   For Whom the Bell

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“An Age of Exact Intonation”

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From the previous post

"We live in a constellation
Of patches and of pitches,
Not in a single world,
In things said well in music,
On the piano and in speech. . . ."

— Wallace Stevens, "July Mountain"

What, exactly, is the phrase "exact intonation" supposed to mean?

A possible clue —

" Casals is adamant about intonation. He has had his pupils repeat passages
until there is absolute accuracy of intonation. To a pupil playing a sonata with
piano, he recommends, 'do not be afraid to be out of tune with the piano.
It is the piano that is out of tune. The piano with its tempered scale is
a compromise in intonation.' "

— http://www.cello.org/heaven/bios/casalsap.htm

July Mountain, August Valley

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July Mountain

We live in a constellation
Of patches and of pitches,
Not in a single world,
In things said well in music,
On the piano and in speech,
As in a page of poetry—
Thinkers without final thoughts
In an always incipient cosmos.
The way, when we climb a mountain,
Vermont throws itself together.

— Wallace Stevens, from
    Opus Posthumous  (1957)

Or Pennsylvania: 

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