Friday, July 1, 2016

Shining Forth

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" identity alone may shine forth" — Octavio Paz

Well Perhaps not quite  alone.

Dead Poet

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BBC News today ("4 hours ago" at 2:50 PM ET) —

Poet Sir Geoffrey Hill dies aged 84

British poet Sir Geoffrey Hill has died aged 84,
his wife has confirmed.

Alice Goodman said her husband died "suddenly,
and without pain or dread" on Thursday evening.

Sir Geoffrey was the Professor of Poetry at
Oxford University until last year, and best known for
Mercian Hymns , his 1971 collection of prose poems. . . .

Poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy told The Guardian :
"He was, in poetry, a saint and a warrior
who never gave an inch in his crusade to reach poetic truth."

See also Geoffrey Hill at Poetry Foundation and in this journal.

Transparent Core

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"At the point of convergence the play of similarities and differences
cancels itself out in order that identity alone may shine forth.
The illusion of motionlessness, the play of mirrors of the one:
identity is completely empty; it is a crystallization and
in its transparent core the movement of analogy begins all over
once again." — The Monkey Grammarian  by Octavio Paz,
translated by Helen Lane 

A more specific "transparent core" —

See all references to this figure
in this journal.

For a more specific "monkey grammarian," 
see W. Tecumseh Fitch in this journal.

Party Phone

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Revisiting August 31, 2006 —

"It's not the twilight zone no,
it's not the twilight zone
Yes it's just a party phone,

— Van Morrison, "Twilight Zone,"
     in The Philosopher's Stone

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Two Djinn

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The Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, on December 8, 2012

See also this journal on that date.

Design Luminosity

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Peter Woit today

"At CERN the LHC has reached design luminosity,* and is
breaking records with a fast pace of new collisions. This may
have something to do with the report that the LHC is also 
about to tear open a portal to another dimension." 

See also the following figure from the Log24 Bion posts

— and Greg Egan's short story "Luminous":

"The theory was, we’d located part of the boundary
between two incompatible systems of mathematics –
both of which were physically true, in their respective
domains. Any sequence of deductions which stayed
entirely on one side of the defect – whether it was the
'near side', where conventional arithmetic applied, or
the 'far side', where the alternative took over – would
be free from contradictions. But any sequence which
crossed the border would give rise to absurdities –
hence S could lead to not-S."

Greg Egan, Luminous
   (Kindle Locations 1284-1288). 

* See a definition.

Rubik vs. Galois: Preconception vs. Pre-conception

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From Psychoanalytic Aesthetics: The British School ,
by Nicola Glover, Chapter 4  —

In his last theoretical book, Attention and Interpretation  (1970), Bion has clearly cast off the mathematical and scientific scaffolding of his earlier writings and moved into the aesthetic and mystical domain. He builds upon the central role of aesthetic intuition and the Keats's notion of the 'Language of Achievement', which

… includes language that is both
a prelude to action and itself a kind of action;
the meeting of psycho-analyst and analysand
is itself an example of this language.29.

Bion distinguishes it from the kind of language which is a substitute  for thought and action, a blocking of achievement which is lies [sic ] in the realm of 'preconception' – mindlessness as opposed to mindfulness. The articulation of this language is possible only through love and gratitude; the forces of envy and greed are inimical to it..

This language is expressed only by one who has cast off the 'bondage of memory and desire'. He advised analysts (and this has caused a certain amount of controversy) to free themselves from the tyranny of the past and the future; for Bion believed that in order to make deep contact with the patient's unconscious the analyst must rid himself of all preconceptions about his patient – this superhuman task means abandoning even the desire to cure . The analyst should suspend memories of past experiences with his patient which could act as restricting the evolution of truth. The task of the analyst is to patiently 'wait for a pattern to emerge'. For as T.S. Eliot recognised in Four Quartets , 'only by the form, the pattern / Can words or music reach/ The stillness'.30. The poet also understood that 'knowledge' (in Bion's sense of it designating a 'preconception' which blocks  thought, as opposed to his designation of a 'pre -conception' which awaits  its sensory realisation), 'imposes a pattern and falsifies'

For the pattern is new in every moment
And every moment is a new and shocking
Valuation of all we have ever been.31.

The analyst, by freeing himself from the 'enchainment to past and future', casts off the arbitrary pattern and waits for new aesthetic form to emerge, which will (it is hoped) transform the content of the analytic encounter.

29. Attention and Interpretation  (Tavistock, 1970), p. 125

30. Collected Poems  (Faber, 1985), p. 194.

31. Ibid., p. 199.

See also the previous posts now tagged Bion.

Preconception  as mindlessness is illustrated by Rubik's cube, and
"pre -conception" as mindfulness is illustrated by n×n×n Froebel  cubes
for n= 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Suitably coordinatized, the Froebel  cubes become Galois  cubes,
and illustrate a new approach to the mathematics of space .

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Space Jews

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For the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul

In memory of Alvin Toffler and Simon Ramo,
a review of figures from the midnight that began
the date of their deaths, June 27, 2016 —


   The 3×3×3 Galois Cube

See also Rubik in this journal.

The Mystery of O

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"The domain of O has been explored by philosophers and mystics
under titles like the Absolute, Ultimate Reality or Ultimate Truth,
the Ground of Being, God or the godhead. O is the world of Plato’s
ideal forms, Kant’s things-in-themselves, Bion’s pre-conceptions,
Klein’s inborn phantasies and Jung’s archetypes."

— Barbara Stevens Sullivan on page 38 of her book
The Mystery of Analytical Work: Weavings from Jung and Bion ,
Routledge first edition, 2010

See also Bion in The Search for Charles Wallace, and

'Study of O' by Steven H. Cullinane, Oct. 16, 1983

Click on the image for some context.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

STAR WARS Scrollup…

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For Paul Simon and the late Scotty Moore

Click image to play.

“Use ‘The Source,’ Luke”

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See Source + Michener and The Source (Dec. 29, 2014).

Strings Attached

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Hyde Park

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From the Hyde Park Herald , June 22, 2016 —


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See November 9, 2006.

Related material: 


Click image for further details.

Eine kleine Nachtmusik

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"Don't bother, they're here."

— "Send in the Clowns"

Midnight in the Garden

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Continues .

Monday, June 27, 2016

At Play

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Slowly, with a beat — 

Meanwhile, back in 1947 —


"Put on your high-heel sneakers …"

View from a Member

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See also an adapted AA saying in this evening's previous post
and Mary Karr in  a "Damnation Morning" post.


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“The experience of my films is a little like daydreaming.”

— Peter Hutton, Filmmaker With Austerely Romantic Worldview, Dies at 71,
     in The New York Times  this evening

"Real estate before personalities"

— Adapted AA motto

(Suggested by posts tagged Getcha.)

Some Prefer Women …

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Outside the Box (as opposed to the Eve of "Interiors").

American Hustler

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Hollywood ending

"The film ends with the family silently attending Eve's funeral,
each placing a single white rose, Eve's favourite flower and a
symbol of hope to her, on Eve's wooden, perfectly polished coffin."

Wikipedia article on Woody Allen's 1978 film "Interiors"

"The story of our lives is written in interiors . . . ."

— A "Defender of Notable New York City Interiors"
    (NY Times  headline today) who reportedly died at 78
    on June 16, 2016, a date known as Bloomsday.

See also posts now tagged Bloomsday Eve 2016.


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From a search in this journal for Euclid + Galois + Interplay


   The 3×3×3 Galois Cube

A tune suggested by the first image above —

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Story of Four

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Continues .

A more recent remark on "the odd behaviour of  4" —


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Some like it hot.

Google — Sacramento temperature —

Common Core versus Central Structure

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Rubik's Cube Core Assembly — Swarthmore Cube Project, 2008 —

"Children of the Common Core" —

There is also a central structure within Solomon's  Cube

For a more elaborate entertainment along these lines, see the recent film

"Midnight Special" —

The Devil His Due

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See the May 2013 Interview  cover.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A is for Anna

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From a requiem for a fashion photographer who reportedly
died today at 87 —

"Although he sometimes photographed upward of 20
gala events a week, he never sat down for dinner at
any of them and would wave away people who walked
up to him to inquire whether he would at least like
a glass of water.

Instead, he stood off to the side photographing women
like Annette de la Renta and Mercedes Bass
in their beaded gowns and tweed suits.
As Anna Wintour put it in the documentary about
Mr. Cunningham,

'I’ve said many times, "We all get dressed for Bill." ' "

And un dressed  for  · · · · ?

Summer Summa

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See October 20, 2008 — "Me and My Shadow."


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Detail —


See also a search in this journal for Notation .


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Continued from Halloween Manifestos 2013 and from Poster —


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" 'Hear what he says,' the speaker concludes,
'The dauntless master, as he starts the human tale.' "

— B. J. Leggett on page 66 of 
The Cambridge Companion to Wallace Stevens

(See "An Ordinary Evening on Page 66,"
this journal on Monday, June 20, 2016.)

See also "Dauntless" in the Divergent  saga
and a character from that saga in the previous post.

ART WARS: The Story of Four

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The title is a reference to the Chicago character named "Four"
in Veronica Roth's Divergent  series.

"In July 2014, Roth revealed that she initially wrote 
Divergent  from Four's point of view . . . ." — Wikipedia

Other Chicago-related stories — "Raiders of the Lost Code
(on the recent murder-suicide of two Chicago Jungians)
and the following —

See also Jungian narrative art in


Friday, June 24, 2016


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From a work cited in the previous post —

"… representation of hell and the horrors
of the burial ground are missing."

— Page 384 of Joseph Campbell's The Mythic Image ,
    Princeton University Press, 1981
    (First published in 1974)

For those who regret the above omission

A review of a book published in 1977 —

"Its materials are fear and death, hallucination
and the burning of souls." 

The book's author reportedly died Thursday, June 23, 2016.

See also, from 11 AM ET that day, "Raiders of the Lost Code."


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The above Mythic Image  quote is from page  384.

See also "Order  384" in this journal.

Symbol of the Self

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The previous post suggests a review of the phrase
symbol of the self " in this journal.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Raiders of the Lost Code

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From a web page

Breaking the Code of the Archetypal Self:
An Introductory Overview of the Research Discoveries
Leading to Neo-Jungian Structural Psychoanalysis

Dr. Moore will introduce his research and discoveries
with regard to the deep structures of the Self.
Tracing the foundations in the tradition of Jung’s
affirmation of the collective unconscious, Moore
will present his “decoding of the Diamond Body,”
a mapping of the deep structures of the Great Code
of the psyche. . . .

From the same web site

Googling "Jung" + "Diamond Body" shows that
Moore's terminology differs from Jung's.
The octahedron that Moore apparently associates
with his "diamond body" was discussed by Jung
in a different context. See selections from Ch. 14
of Jung's Aion
 "The Structure and Dynamics of the Self."

Dr. Moore appears as well in the murder-suicide story 
of last night's 11:18 PM ET post.

For the relevance of Aion  to "deep structures,"
see Jung + Diamond + Structure in this  journal
and, more specifically, "Deep  Structure."

Figures of Speech

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See posts now tagged Starbursts,
and a search for Nabokov + Starflight.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tutelary Figures

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(Continued from December 19, 2007)


Another tutelary figure —

"You got to know when to hold 'em "

Versatile Figure

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"I need a photo opportunity " — Paul Simon

Click image to enlarge.

Bloomsday Trinity

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"He attended the Trinity School in Manhattan
before enrolling in the Lawrenceville School
in New Jersey, where he began writing poetry.
He graduated in 1957. Under his yearbook
photograph appeared the motto:

'Plato or comic books, I’m versatile.' "

He reportedly died on Bloomsday, June 16.
See also this journal on that date —

Model Citizen

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of a paper town

Fragments Against My Ruins, by Odd Thomas

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  1. "Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read"
  2. "Alpha Dog"
  3. "B. J. Leggett is professor emeritus at UT Knoxville"
  4. "Seven is Heaven, Eight is a Gate, Nine is a Vine"

Update of about 6:40 AM ET on June 22, 2016 —

"Que cantaba el rey David."  Happy birthday to Kris Kristofferson.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Central Structure

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"The central poem is the poem of the whole,
The poem of the composition of the whole"

— Wallace Stevens, "A Primitive like an Orb"

The symmetries of the central four squares in any pattern
from the 4×4 version of the diamond theorem  extend to
symmetries of the entire pattern.  This is true also of the
central eight cubes in the 4×4×4  Solomon's cube .

Monday, June 20, 2016

An Ordinary Evening on Page 66

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Shema, Salinger

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"I've got a brand-new pair of roller skates "

Melanie, 1971

Related material —  Salinger in the Park and
                                 Philosophy in a New Key.

Sacred Space

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For further background to this morning's post Plan 9 Continues,
see posts tagged Sacred Space

The 3x3 square .

Plan 9 Continues

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See …

At the Still Point … (February 12, 2008)

For Balanchine's Birthday (January 9, 2007)

Go Set a Structure (Various dates)

and …

Sunday, June 19, 2016

In Memoriam

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For those who prefer the red pill to the blue pill

See as well this afternoon's related Vanity Fair  piece.

Making Gatsby Great Again

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Image-- From the Diamond in Plato's Meno to Modern Finite Geometry

See also the previous post.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


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From a poet discussed in Plato's Meno  —

Click the above image for an animated version of Feb. 12, 2008.

See also this journal on Feb. 12, 2008.

A Small Scholarship

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"He grew up near Stratford-upon-Avon
and went to school on a small scholarship."

NY Times  obit this afternoon for
    a theatre designer who reportedly died 
    on June 10.  See also this  journal 
    on that date.


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See also the previous post.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

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Click to enlarge.


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See also some recent related posts.

Alms for Oblivion

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Clock Folding*

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* The title refers to the recent posts Hypertime 
and Midnight in Herald Square. See also Julavits 
in a post of March 31, 2015.

Midnight in Herald Square

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In memory of New Yorker  artist Anatol Kovarsky,
who reportedly died at 97 on June 1.

Note the Santa, a figure associated with Macy's at Herald Square.

See also posts tagged Herald Square, as well as the following
figure from this journal on the day preceding Kovarsky's death.

A note related both to Galois space and to
the "Herald Square"-tagged posts —

"There is  such a thing as a length-16 sequence."
— Saying adapted from a young-adult novel.

Friday, June 17, 2016


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The Hypertime  post from 11 PM yesterday suggests
a review of one sort of narrative sequence —

Here the aleph may be regarded as a sort of 
glass slipper (see last midnight's post) found by
Alan Moore. (Moore​, mentioned in last night's
Hypertime post, is the author of Lost Girls .)

Making Stuff Up

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See Three Approaches to The World as Myth
(Log24, September 16, 2015).

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