Friday, April 30, 2021

Points and Coordinates: The Eindhoven Conundrum

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Box759 Logo

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Continuing Work on Box759:

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

56 Three-Sets, 56 Spreads:

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The Steiner Quadruple System S(3,4,8)
underlies the Steiner System S(5,8,24).

A previous update to the Oct. 29, 2019, post Triangles, Spreads, Mathieu:

Update of November 2, 2019 —

See also p. 284 of Geometry and Combinatorics:
Selected Works of J. J. Seidel
  (Academic Press, 1991).
That page is from a paper published in 1970.

That page, 284, contained an excerpt from

Bussemaker, F. C., & Seidel, J. J. (1970).
“Symmetric Hadamard matrices of order 36.”
(EUT report. WSK, Dept.of Mathematics and
Computing Science; Vol. 70-WSK-02).
Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven.

That paper is now available online:

https://pure.tue.nl/ws/files/1804543/252823.pdf .

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Blocks in a Box

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In Scientific American  today —

For a more sophisticated approach to the phrase
“blocks in a box,” search for “the 759 blocks” and
then see box759.wordpress.com.

The mathematics there is based on an apparently
less  sophisticated example of “blocks in a box” —

See also Cube Space in this  journal.

Dot Space

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See http://m759.net/wordpress/?s=.space.

See also Sinbad.

In the Sky

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See also other posts tagged  Obit et Orbit.


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Parallel Line Fever

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By way of comparison, the low  road

By way of contrast, afore ye —

Ronna Reeves in a Log24 post of April 21,”Flashback to 1993:
Yellow Line Fever,” and . . .

. . . An earlier, 1971, rendition of “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” —

Laurie Bird (1952-1979) on the cover of Esquire’s April 1971 issue.

Related material: Bird Box.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

New Site

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Darkly Comic

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For Auld Lang Syne —

The New York Times  reports an April 18 death:

Desperately Seeking Symmetry

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RA Wilson —”[Submitted on 20 Apr 2021 (v1),
last revised 23 Apr 2021 (this version, v2)]”

SH Cullinane — See as well

A Memoir of Her Time

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Alex Traub in today’s online  New York Times

“Helen Weaver, who fell in love with Jack Kerouac months before
‘On the Road’ rocketed him into the literary stratosphere, and who
53 years later made a record of their romance in an enduring book
of her own, died on April 13 at her home in Woodstock, N.Y.
She was 89.”

“The Beat rebel charmed Ms. Weaver with gentleness.
He agreed to attend a dinner party with Ms. Weaver’s
parents in New Milford, Conn., and began the evening
by asking whether they believed in God.”

“Helen Hemenway Weaver was born on June 18, 1931,
in Madison, Wis. Her father, Warren, was chairman of
the mathematics department at the University of
Wisconsin, and her mother, Mary (Hemenway) Weaver,
was a schoolteacher and later a homemaker.

Helen grew up in Scarsdale, N.Y., where the family had
moved when her father began working as an executive at
the Rockefeller Foundation and other nonprofit organizations.”

In Nomine Patris

The Times‘s Warren link above leads to an obituary of Warren Weaver:

He was the author, or co‐author, of books ranging from works on pure science during his early career to “Lady Luck,” a popular discussion of the theory of probability that sold widely in paperback.

Wrote About ‘Alice’

Among his other books was “Alice in Many Tongues,” which dealt with foreign translations of “Alice in Wonderland.” He had the largest collection of the writing of Lewis Carroll, the author of “Alice,” now owned by the University of Texas.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Assembly Language

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Some Assembly Required

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“Dowd, O’Hara … O’Hara, Dowd.”

For Your Consideration

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We’ve lost the plot !

Big Time.

News in Review

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In other news . . .


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“Hitchcock did.”

Related material from 10 years ago: 
See April 24, 2011.

Friday, April 23, 2021

“And . . . Cut!”

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The title is a line spoken by an independent film maker
in “The Big Bang” . . . which opened in limited theaters
on May 13, 2011.

Also on May 13, 2011 —



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From a Log24 search for Canonicity

Dramatis Personae

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Cross Examination

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Related examinations: Space Cross and Wittgenstein’s Picture.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cultural Vocabulary:

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Cockteaser Meets Kickstarter


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Annals of Cultural Vocabulary:

A Meme for Harold —

A New Concrete Model for an Old Abstract Space

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The April 20 summary I wrote for ScienceOpen.com suggests
a different presentation of an Encyclopedia of Mathematics
article from 2013 —

(Click to enlarge.)

Introduction to the Square Model of Fano's 1892 Finite 3-Space

Keywords: PG(3,2), Fano space, projective space, finite geometry, square model,
Cullinane diamond theorem, octad group, MOG.

Cite as

Cullinane, Steven H. (2021).
“The Square Model of Fano’s 1892 Finite 3-Space.”
https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4718182 .

An earlier version of the square model of PG(3,2) —

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Flashback to 1993: Yellow Line Fever

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The Spielvogel Conundrum (Attn: Harlan Kane*)

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In memory of an advertising mogul who reportedly died today:

The above Altmetric report is apparently thanks to
my registering with ScienceOpen.com on April 19.

* Author of The Abacus Conundrum.

… Or* the East … Whatever.

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* See the previous post.

Into the West . . .

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Paradise by the Dashwood Light

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

ART WARS for the Church of the Holy Hubcap

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly*

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* A phrase from the previous post.

Opinions Differ.

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See as well Heng in this  journal on March 30.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Diamond Theorem at ScienceOpen

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Update on April 20, 2021 —
The following was added today to the above summary:

“It describes a group of 322,560 permutations, later known as
‘the octad group,’ that now plays a role in speculative high-energy physics.
See Moonshine, Superconformal Symmetry, and Quantum Error Correction .”

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Encounter at the Church of St. Frank

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Seen on Amazon.com today —

Garber is the Harvard professor in the following 2013 remarks:

The Usual Suspects

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This post was suggested by the 2019 film “Synchronic,”
by Google News this morning . . .

. . . and by posts tagged Crux in this journal.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

In Memoriam

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See as well Donoghue in this  journal.


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Analyze this.

Friday, April 16, 2021

New Post!

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Related material: The Utrecht Models.

In Memoriam . . .

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The voice of Stelmaria.

See as well Dark Materials in this journal.

Schoolgirl Problem (Kirkman’s, not Epstein’s)

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As for Epstein’s problem . . .

Sophia Lillis in Stephen King's IT (2017)— 'Right stuff' question

Zero System*

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See  Lying at the Axis .

* A mathematical term. This post was suggested
by the image link to posts tagged Gainesville at
the end of the previous post.

Exterior Decoration: “Once in a Lullaby”

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This image is in memory of an interior decorator
who reportedly died on April 9, 2021.

It was suggested by a post from this journal on
that date.  The musical note is from a later version
of the April 9 image .

Related material:
Schlummerlied  by Cornelius Gurlitt (Opus 101, No. 6).

Vide . . .

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Upcoming Lecture

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From  thinking-machines.online/

“Online lecture series on artificial intelligence, summer 2021. . . .

The series will be jointly hosted by
the Research Institute for the History of Science and TechnologyDeutsches Museum,
as part of their traditional »Montagskolloquium«,
the STS group at the European New School of Digital StudiesEUV,
Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS), TUM, and
the Philosophy of Computing group, ICFOWarsaw University of Technology.

From  thinking-machines.online/dick/

“… it is urgent to unpack what is at stake….”

See as well the phrase “possible, necessary, and urgent”
in the April 10 post Bond.

And then there is Foreigner . . . .

(For the “possible, necessary” part, see Modal Nietzsche.)

Grid View and List View

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From AntiChristmas 2010

Image-- Rosalind Krauss and The Ninefold Square

Above: Art Theorist Rosalind Krauss and The Ninefold Square

   For Krauss:

      Grid View                                                List View

A Pythagorean Letter*

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See other posts now tagged Yale Weekend.

That weekend, Sat. Nov. 23 — Sun. Nov. 24, 2013,
saw the death of Yale professor Sam See
in a New Haven Jail.

Related literary remarks:

Search  “Merve Emre” + “Sam See.”

* Vide  Log24 references.

For the Rainbow Serpent

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Another View of Point Omega

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Not  by Don DeLillo —

Those apt to be seduced by language, either secular or religious,
might note that the author of the Point Omega book above is also
the author of  Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power

Hemingway fans might note as well a website whose background
image memorializes the Catholic fallen of the Spanish Civil War:

Raiders of the Lost Coordinates . . .

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A pyramid scheme in memory of the late Bernie Madoff —

The above passage from Whitehead’s 1906 book suggests
that the tetrahedral model may be older than Polster thinks.*

This is shown by . . .

See also “Profzi Scheme.”

* For some related work of the above “D. Mesner,” see
Mesner, D. (1967). “Sets of Disjoint Lines in PG(3, q),”
Canadian Journal of Mathematics, 19, 273-280.


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See also, in this  journal,  Mere Geometry.

Related material —

Image-- semeion estin ou meros outhen

Image-- Euclid's definition of 'point'

Points With Parts

This leads to . . .

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Politics and Hellfire, Updated

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“What do we owe to those not yet born?” —
Perhaps an accurate view of history.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Two Versions of Bare Beauty

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From the Sunday night post Euclid Alone,
the new site Beauty Bare —

(The first-post date of April 12 is apparently based on UTC time.)

From today’s previous post, A Model Echo —

A Model Echo

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The previous Log24 post, on mathematics, was titled

Models: A Return to Utrecht.”

After writing that post I decided to check out another sort of
Utrecht model, and found a surprising echo:

A Return to Utrecht: The Sylvia Kristel Archives.”

Recommended related reading: Kristel’s obituary in The Telegraph .

Recommended related music:


Models: A Return to Utrecht

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References to a 1960 conference paper by Freudenthal in this journal
suggest another paper from the same conference …

See as well other posts now tagged . . .

The Utrecht Models.

For my own work on models, see
Finite Geometry of the Square and Cube.

No Ordinary Venue

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Related material: Avengers Shawarma.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Euclid Alone . . .

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A view of my HC page (the logged-in version) —

The new site Beauty Bare

The first-post date of April 12 is apparently based on UTC time.

Dot Patterns

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Apparently because of its usual visual representation,
the Fano plane has now been put in the Wikipedia category
“Dot patterns.”

Some dot patterns many will prefer:  Braille Nude.

Space Itself

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See the title in this journal. This review was suggested by
a phrase of Catherine Flynn:

Saturday, April 10, 2021


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The previous post, on a Joyce symposium in
Utrecht on June 15-20, 2014, suggests a review
of this  journal in June 2014.  From June 21
of that year —

“Without the possibility that
an origin can be lost, forgotten,
or alienated into what springs
forth from it, an origin could
not be an origin. The possibility
of inscription is thus a necessary
possibility, one that must always
be possible.”

— Page 157 of The Tain of the Mirror:
Derrida and the Philosophy of Reflection ,
by Rodolphe Gasché, Harvard U. Press, 1986

Related art suggested by the above modal logic

Nietzsche, 'law in becoming' and 'play in necessity'

Nietzsche on Heraclitus— 'play in necessity' and 'law in becoming'— illustrated.

Gap Dance in Utrecht

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(See also Gap Dance elsewhere in this journal.)

“… the Wake  seemed to be everywhere
at the Utrecht Joyce Symposium.”

“What I saw at the Symposium at Utrecht
were scholars working to close the gap
between the multifaceted complexity
of the text and the vastly greater complexity
of the readers experiencing it.”

— “Along the Krommerun: The Twenty-Fourth International
James Joyce Symposium, Utrecht, The Netherlands,
15-20 June 2014,” by Andrew Ferguson, University of Virginia.

“Central to these structural and aesthetic innovations,
however, is a mundane element: the wooden dowel.
The dowel is a small peg of variable length;
its ends lack distinct heads, allowing it work
in any direction. The dowels  remain hidden
in the Red Blue Chair as they connect rail to rail
and rail to  plank, invisible yet essential to the chair’s
appearance and its defiance of convention and gravity.
Critics have noted the chair’s flouting of the rules of
modern architectural semantics: Yves-Alain Bois writes
of the elements that function simultaneously in two ways,
as both supporting prop and supported  cantilever, as
subverting “the functionalist ethic of modernist
architecture — the dictum that would have one meaning
per sign”. It is the dowel that allows the elements of
the chair to attain so subtly this semantic complexity.
The  chair’s innovations are not technological,
but rather concern the arrangement  and deployment
of existing materials and elements. The dowel is
a modest but highly adaptable means of joining:
while the dovetail joint requires two equally sized
components, the mortise and tenon involves a male
and a female element, and the housed joint requires
an extended zone of contact, the dowel  neutrally
connects all kinds of elements to one another,
its single point allowing maximum freedom in
the orientation of the connected elements.”

— Page 25 of “From Dowel to Tesseract,” by Catherine Flynn.
Source: European Joyce Studies , 2016, Vol. 24,
A LONG THE KROMMERUN: Selected Papers from the
Utrecht James Joyce Symposium, pp. 20-45.

In Like Flynn . . .

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Friday, April 9, 2021


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Related material:  The Guy Embedding.

Gender Issues: Sleeping Beauty

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(With belated Easter greetings to Kate Beckinsale)

Beauty not so sleeping  —

See also Cama Suitra  and . . .

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Logic Illustrated

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Drilling Down . . .

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“See all activity” . . . Good idea.

A Wonderful Model

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” Ironically, the bestselling ‘historian’ of time
seems stuck in the past, known throughout his life
to put up posters of Marilyn Monroe in his office,
visit ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ and claim that women were
‘a mystery.’ ” — Philip Ball, March 1, 2021

See related material on a  Mystery Woman of Cuernavaca.

See as well the March of Hawking’s death in posts tagged Spring Awakening

“… a wonderful model of a small church or chapel.”
Andrew Cusack, March 20, 2018

For another wonderful model in Bavaria, see Straight Line Fever.

For Child Buyers

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Recent posts on hotels and education suggest a review.
See “Child Buyer” in this journal.

From John Hersey’s The Child Buyer  (1960):

“I was wondering about that this morning…
About forgetting. I’ve always had an idea that
each memory was a kind of picture,
an insubstantial picture. I’ve thought of it as
suddenly coming into your mind when you need it,
something you’ve seen, something you’ve heard,
then it may stay awhile, or else it flies out, then
maybe it comes back another time….
If all the pictures went out, if I forgot everything,
where would they go? Just out into the air? Into the sky?
Back home around my bed, where my dreams stay?”

“We keep coming back and coming back
To the real: to the hotel instead of the hymns….”

— Wallace Stevens

Hotel Bella Vista, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

— Postcard from eBay 
From Under the Volcano, by Malcolm Lowry, 1947, Chapter I:

Faustus is gone: regard his hellish fall —
Shaken, M. Laruelle replaced the book on the table… he reached to the floor for a folded sheet of paper that had fluttered out of it. He picked the paper up between two fingers and unfolded it, turning it over. Hotel Bella Vista, he read. There were really two sheets of uncommonly thin hotel notepaper….

I sit now in a little room off the bar at four-thirty in the morning drinking ochas and then mescal and writing this on some Bella Vista notepaper I filched the other night…. But this is worst of all, to feel your soul dying. I wonder if it is because to-night my soul has really died that I feel at the moment something like peace. Or is it because right through hell there is a path, as Blake well knew, and though I may not take it, sometimes lately in dreams I have been able to see it? …And this is how I sometimes think of myself, as a great explorer who has discovered some extraordinary land from which he can never return to give his knowledge to the world: but the name of this land is hell. It is not Mexico of course but in the heart.

Timeless  Capsules

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Drilling down . . .

My own, more abstract, academic interests are indicated by
a post from this  journal on January 20, 2020
Dyadic Harmonic Analysis: The Fourfold Square and Eightfold Cube.

Those poetically inclined may regard that post as an instance of the
“intersection of the timeless  with time.”

Philadelphia Story

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For Timeless  fans, a flashback to April 8, 2016 —

See as well the above Rittenhouse date — April 8, 2016 —
in posts tagged April 8-11 2016.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Annals of Educational Temptation:

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Ever Witch Way


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The Title

Filed under: General — m759 @ 9:19 PM

Otro Idioma

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See as well this  journal on the above Sundance photo date —

“We keep coming back and coming back
To the real: to the hotel instead of the hymns . . . .”

— Wallace Stevens, quoted in posts tagged Portal1937

Update of 12:35 PM ET the same day —

Monday, April 5, 2021

For Your Consideration

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. . . And then there’s Abigail  Spencer . . . .

A line for von Braun in “Timeless” S1 E4 —

“But sometimes I hit London.”

Watch Party

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A TV episode  from 2016 —

The above “Lucy” actress in 2014 —

Compare and contrast with the homecoming
bedroom scene in De Palma’s  “Body Double” (1984).

“Like a rose under the April snow . . . .” — Streisand


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This  journal on that date —

A New (Old) Key* for Philosophy

Filed under: General — Tags: — m759 @ 4:00 PM

* See other posts tagged Langer Key.

A Balcony for De Palma*

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This post was suggested by last night’s image of Nicola Cavanis
at the Louis Hotel in Munich by photographer Linus Meier.

Related material —

Today’s New York Times  report of a March 28 death in Rome:

* See this  journal  on St. Peter’s Day, 2020.

Cama Suitra . . .

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Continued from Kickstarter (Sat., April 3, 2021).


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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Dutch Logic

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This is from a book by five Dutch authors

See as well . . .

Zero Dark AA

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We all know the song.” 

Saturday, April 3, 2021


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𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮  “I get no kick from champagne . . .”

An example of Seduction by Language, this post was
by the Joycean phrase cama suitra .

Warp and Woof

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Click to enlarge.

Opus 47

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Related art in memory of Arthur Kopit

Seduced by Language

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The previous post suggests a review of a passage quoted here
on Holy Cross Day 2018 . . .

Warburg at Cornell U. Press

in light of a post from March 2021

Friday, April 2, 2021

Carter Theory

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This post was suggested by a recent American Mathematical Society essay:

My goal here is to make the results of one such collaboration,
by Branko Grünbaum (1929-2018) and Geoffrey Shephard (1927-2016)
in the area of discrete geometry more widely known.”

Grünbaum reportedly died on Sept. 14, 2018 — Holy Cross Day.

As for Shephard . . .


Inside Job

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For Pleasantly Discursive Day.

Another Abstract Signature

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(See “Abstract Signature,” March 15, 2021.)


Thursday, April 1, 2021

“Anatomy of a Scene” — Variety URL

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“… incessant need to crack the detail ….”  Or vice-versa.

For Mr. Magoo

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That’s Careful How , not Careful Glow , Magoo.

See also Magoo at the Tate .

Sex Textiles . . .

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“Some day, when I’m awfully low . . .
I will feel a glow just thinking of you”

— Sinatra

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