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Forgotten Lore

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Continued from Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wikipedia on Io in Greek mythology
(a precursor to Marvel Comics) —

"Walter Burkert [18] notes that the story of Io was told
in the ancient epic tradition at least four times….

    18. Burkert, Homo Necans  (1974) 1983:
          164 note 14, giving bibliography."

An "io" story I prefer — m24.io.

Quarter to Six*

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In memory of Father John Romas, a Greek Orthodox priest who
reportedly died on Sunday, January 24, 2016.

Time Signature 

This is from a post on Greek philosophy on that date.

*  "Here's a quarter…."

The Wet Hot Summa

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Strangers in Strangerland

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Pope’s Geometry

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From page 56 of The Science Fiction of Mark Clifton ,
Southern Illinois University Press, 1980 —

See also the following image in this journal

IMAGE- A symplectic structure -- i.e. a structure that is symplectic (meaning plaited or woven).

Cartoon Theology*

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For Evangeline

(Some background — See Limerick in this journal.
See also "He's a mad scientist and I'm his beautiful daughter.")

"There was a young lady named Bright…."

"You read too slow, Daddy," she complained. She was childishly irritable about it. "You say a word. Then I think a long time. Then you say another word."

I knew what she meant. I remember, when I was a child, my thoughts used to dart in and out among the slowly droning words of any adult. Whole patterns of universes would appear and disappear in those brief moments.

"So?" I asked.

"So," she mocked me impishly. "You teach me to read. Then I can think quick as I want."

"Quickly," I corrected in a weak voice. "The word is 'quickly,' an adverb."

She looked at me impatiently, as if she saw through this allegedly adult device to show up a youngster's ignorance. I felt like the dope!

— From  "Star, Bright" by Mark Clifton 

Related material — The Quick and the Dead

* For example, from the Marvel Comics realm

Friday, January 29, 2016

Excellent Adventure*

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(Continued from Dec. 9, 2013)

"…it would be quite a long walk
for him if he had to walk straight across."

The image “http://www.log24.com/log/pix07A/070831-Ant1.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Swiftly Mrs. Who brought her hands… together.

"Now, you see," Mrs. Whatsit said,
"he would be  there, without that long trip.
That is how we travel."

The image “http://www.log24.com/log/pix07A/070831-Ant2.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

– A Wrinkle in Time 
Chapter 5, "The Tesseract"

From a media weblog yesterday, a quote from the video below —

"At 12:03 PM Eastern Standard Time, January 12th, 2016…."

This  weblog on the previous day (January 11th, 2016) —

"There is  such a thing as harmonic analysis of switching functions."

— Saying adapted from a young-adult novel

* For some backstory, see a Caltech page.

For Harlan Kane

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(Author of The Abacus Conundrum )

The Galois Box

Pensée II

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A sequel to the previous post

"I'm in with the in crowd" — Musical motif of "Irrational Man"


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On a stage character named Pascal —

"… the mathematics professor implores Minnie to take
full advantage of her own intelligence and talents,
usually capped off with a non sequitur gift of some kind…."

— Sean T. Collins, " 'I’m better than you, you son of a bitch':
     a review of The Diary of a Teenage Girl: The Play ,
     Comic Book Resources , March 30, 2010

See also, in this  journal, Minnie and The Gift .

Thursday, January 28, 2016


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The title refers to a line by Louis Menand quoted
at the end of the previous post.

There "a6!" refers to the chessboard square in
column a, row 6.  In Geometry of the I Ching,
this square represents Hexagram 61, "Inner Truth."

See also "inner truth" in this journal.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Language Game:

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After Menand

This subtitle refers to the previous post, Game Theory for Steiner.
That post suggested a search that led to a New Yorker  piece
by Louis Menand, "Game Theory," excerpted below.

"Then, on move 21, came Black's crusher: a6!"

Game Theory for Steiner

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"The definition of easy to learn, hard to master"

Alex Hern in The Guardian  today on the game of Go

Not unlike music, mathematics, and chess.

A Singer 7-Cycle

AI Benchmark

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For the Sundance Kid

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"There's talk on the street, it sounds so familiar"

— The late Glenn Frey

Related material

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Accomplished in Steps

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For the title, see "Accomplished in Steps" in this journal.


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"In U.S. criminal law, means, motive, and opportunity is
a common summation of the three aspects of a crime
that must be established before guilt can be determined
in a criminal proceeding." — Wikipedia

See also "Motive for Metaphor" in this journal.

"I'm in with the in crowd, 
I go where the in crowd goes"

— Musical motif of the recent film "Irrational Man"

Devil’s Harp

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From a piece in The Harvard Crimson  today:

"The refrain of one of my favorite songs goes,
'Tension is to be loved when it is like a passing note
to a beautiful, beautiful chord.' I don’t want to seek
the allusion [sic ] of finding balance anymore:
It can’t be found."

Allusion —

"No angel born in Hell
Could break that Satan's spell"

— "American Pie"

A passing note —

"The name diabolus in musica  ("the Devil in music")
has been applied to the interval from at least the
early 18th century…."

— Wikipedia on the tritone

See also Music & Noise at a physics site and the square root
of two on page 56 of Barry Mazur's Imagining Numbers  
(Picador imprint, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003) —

After Eliot

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The New Yorker , May 19, 1997 issue, page 52

See also Hollander in this  journal.

(This post was suggested by a search for 
"Barry Mazur" + "Two-Faced.")

Ground Plan

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The New York Times , reporting yesterday on the death of
a distinguished expert in the field of artificial intelligence,
said that he “laid the foundation for the field.”

Related material:

“A Bad Case of Mixed Metaphors:
Psychiatry, Law, Politics, Society,
and Ezra Pound”

by Arnold M. Ludwig,
American Journal of Psychotherapy
2000 Winter; 54(1): 116-117

From that paper
the conceptual foundation for the field
continues to be primitive.”

See also, in this  journal, The Source (Oct. 4, 2014).
An image from that post

Ground plan for a game of
Noughts and Crosses

Monday, January 25, 2016

Marvin Minsky, 1927-2016

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In this  journal, see Syntactic/Symplectic and Raiding Minsky’s.

High White Noon

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Continued. See previous episodes and also 5×5.

Not-So-Divine Comedy

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IMAGE- Kristen Wiig in 'Cock and Bull Story' —

IMAGE- Kristen Wiig, 'Cock and Bull Story'

See also some Saturday Night Live comedy in
"The Sound of Music" (a post from March 6, 2011) 
and Kristen Wiig in a new "Zoolander 2" promotion.


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For Mel Gibson

The Police, 'Synchronicity' album, detail of cover

The book in the previous post, "A Hateful Eight," was
reportedly published on February 25, 2004. See also
this journal on that date

  Click image for post.

A Hateful Eight

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In memory of physicist David Ritz Finkelstein,
who reportedly died yesterday —

"His sense of irony and precision was appreciated" ….



An illustration of the song "Stuck in the Middle with You"
(from the Tarantino film "Reservoir Dogs") was posted by
an academic at Christmas 2015 —

See also, in this  journal,
The Jewel in the Lotus Meets the Kernel in the Nutshell 
(December 16, 2015).

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Borges Line

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See a search for Borges + Line in this journal.

Long Line

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"The ideal of a complete mathematical theory of beauty
lies on the same long line of distinguished fantasies of
mathematical wisdom as the number mysticism of
Pythagoras and Plato, the Ars Magna  of Ramon Llull
(whom Agrippa studied) and Giordano Bruno
(who studied Llull and Agrippa), the vision of Mathesis
  that Descartes and Leibniz shared, and the
Ars Combinatoria  of Leibniz. Dürer does not deny the
existence of absolute beauty but despairs of knowing it."

— The late David Ritz Finkelstein in 2007.
     He reportedly died today.

The Magpie

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"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore…."

— Edgar Allan Poe, 1845 (link added)

"The infamous pseudohistorian Eric Temple Bell
begins his book 'The Magic of Numbers' as follows:

The hero of our story is Pythagoras…."

John Baez, June 20, 2006

Related material —

See also "Temple Bell" in this  journal.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


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"Hard Science Fiction in the era of short attention spans,
crowd-sourcing, and rapid obsolescence"

— May 26, 2012, Dragon Press Bookstore symposium

Related material:  Posts now tagged Black Diamond.

IMAGE- 'The Stars My Destination' (with cover slightly changed)

Plan 9 Continues…

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Thundersnow for Joyce

Margaret Soltan on thundersnow at 6:13 AM ET Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

Easter Footnote

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A search from Easter 2013 for "Cremona synthemes" *

IMAGE- Google image search for 'cremona synthemes'

For some strictly mathematical background, see
Classical Geometry in Light of Galois Geometry.

* For more about Cremona and synthemes, 
   see a 1975 paper by W. L. Edge,
  "A Footnote on the Mystic Hexagram."


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The New Yorker , April 12, 2004 —

Thursday, January 21, 2016


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Or:  High White Noon  (continued from previous episodes

"… taking a traditional piece of music with some culturally
relevant connection and using it as the central motif of the
broader arrangement. In this case, it was the Irish ballad
'Limerick’s Lamentation.' (It’s usually played on a fiddle,
I think, but here’s an interesting version on a 
hammered dulcimer.)"

— 30 Years of Coens: Miller's Crossing ,
     by Christopher Orr in The Atlantic
     Sept. 10, 2014


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Definition of 'ediscovery'

Update of 11:40 AM —

"Share evidence via an online repository. 
Working more effectively means accessing data at night,
at the courthouse, or wherever you are. More importantly,
you need to share evidence with the judge and opposing
parties without delay."

Related material:

“The Old Man’s still an artist with a Thompson.”
— Terry in the Coen brothers film “Miller’s Crossing

See as well Apocalypse Wow and the sequel Chemistry 101.

Dividing the Indivisible

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My statement yesterday morning that the 15 points
of the finite projective space PG(3,2) are indivisible 
was wrong.  I was misled by quoting the powerful
rhetoric of Lincoln Barnett (LIFE magazine, 1949).

Points of Euclidean  space are of course indivisible
"A point is that which has no parts" (in some translations).

And the 15 points of PG(3,2) may be pictured as 15
Euclidean  points in a square array (with one point removed)
or tetrahedral array (with 11 points added).

The geometry of  PG(3,2) becomes more interesting,
however, when the 15 points are each divided  into
several parts. For one approach to such a division,
see Mere Geometry. For another approach, click on the
image below.

IMAGE- 'Nocciolo': A 'kernel' for Pascal's Hexagrammum Mysticum: The 15 2-subsets of a 6-set as points in a Galois geometry.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fringe Physics and Beyond

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"One day not long ago Oppenheimer stalked
up and down his office and divulged some
startling new discoveries about the 15 fundamental
particles of which the universe is made….

physicists today are wondering if these particles
are themselves actually the final, stark, immutable
and indivisible foundation stones of the universe
that until now they have been thought to be."

—Lincoln Barnett in LIFE magazine,
    Oct. 10, 1949, page 122

Fringe Physics

" astrophysics limits the number of fundamental particles to 15…."

— Franklin Potter at FQXi.org on Sep. 27, 2009

"I agree there can't be more than 15 fundamental particles."

— Lawrence B. Crowell at FQXi.org on Sep. 29, 2009


There are, at any rate, 15 "final, stark, immutable* and indivisible*
foundation stones" (namely, 15 points ) of the finite projective
space PG(3,2). See Symplectic  in this journal.

For related physics, see posts tagged Dirac and Geometry.

* Update of Jan. 21, 2016 — I was carried away by Barnett's
   powerful rhetoric. These adjectives are wrong.

Jeer vs. Sneer in the New Year

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Oppenheimer homecoming, with ad for 'Pussy-Footer' alarm clock

Jeer  yesterday by Sarah Palin —

“No more pussy-footin’ around!"

Sneer  in The Washington Post  this morning

By Chris Cillizza* January 20 at 7:11 AM  

"Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump's presidential campaign 
on Tuesday in Iowa. You may have heard that — unless you
were hiding under a pile of coats for the day. But, what you
likely missed is the speech — and I use that word advisedly
that Palin gave …."

Year  by Don Henley —

'Gentlemen (and I use that word loosely)'- Don Henley, 'The Garden of Allah'

*  Cillizza is the author of The Gospel According to the Fix .

See also Sunday's post New York Values, with its quote from
a review of the new Coen brothers film "Hail, Caesar!" about
the world of the Hollywood "fixer."

Monday, January 18, 2016

California Values

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A meditation suggested by yesterday evening's post
New York Values and by a musician's death today —

Update of 7 PM ET — Conspiracy theorists may enjoy the
interpretation of this post's time, 6:22, as a coded reference
to the date  6/22 — specifically, to 6/22/2003, "Trance of the
Red Queen
," with its lyrics from the Eagles classic "Desperado."

First and Last

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"First and last, he was a skeptic …."

— Home page of Martin-Gardner.org

See also, in this  journal, Alpha and Omega.

Related material from the last full day of Gardner's life —

See as well Symplectic in this journal.

Philosophy’s End

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This post was suggested by previous posts of 
February 29, 2008, and of March 1, 2008.

The writer quoted in the latter, Ava Chitwood,
reportedly died on November 1, 2012 —
All Saints' Day. See a post from that  date.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

New York Values

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The phrase "experimental techniques" in the previous post
suggests the following words and images.

From The New York Times  online this evening —

"Think 'Barton Fink' meets 'A Serious Man.' 
With dancing."



"When the truth is found to be lies
And all the joy within you dies….


"We're entering Weimar, baby."
— Peggy Noonan


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Suggested by a 7:11 AM post today at University Diaries:

"As a sequel to The Rainbow , the novel
develops experimental techniques…"

See also Arkie.

Sunday School

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Some narrative for a ghost writer —

IMAGE- The 2001 film 'The Discovery of Heaven'

I prefer the following narrative —

Part I:  Stevens’s verse from “The Rock” (1954) —
“That in which space itself is contained”

Part II:  Mystery Box III: Inside, Outside (2014)

Joining the Cavalcade

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The author featured in the previous post, one "Stephen Marlowe,"
reportedly died on February 22, 2008.

From his New York Times obituary by Margalit Fox —

"Mr. Marlowe was born Milton Lesser in Brooklyn
on Aug. 7, 1928. He received his bachelor’s degree
in philosophy from the College of William and Mary
in 1949. Under his original name, he began his
career in the early 1950s writing science fiction.

In the late ’50s, Mr. Lesser legally changed his name
to Stephen Marlowe, one of several pen names he
regularly used. (Among the others were Andrew Frazer,
Darius John Granger, C. H. Thames, Stephen Wilder,
Jason Ridgway and Adam Chase. In his 1961 novel
Dead Man’s Tale , Mr. Lesser joined the cavalcade of
ghostwriters who published under the name Ellery Queen.)"

From this journal on the date of Marlowe's reported death —

… Todo lo sé por el lucero puro
que brilla en la diadema de la Muerte

— Rubén Darío

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Strands of History…

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… Meet the Threads of Fiction

"… where the threads of fiction and the strands of history shuttle
back and forth in the great loom of the artist's imagination"

Global and Local

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Two approaches to philosophy —

For a global perspective, see Cullinane College in this journal.
For a local perspective, see last night's post on a Pennsylvania philosopher.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Local and Global

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The American Mathematical Society today —

George E. Weaver (1942-2015) 
Friday January 15th 2016

Weaver was a philosophy professor at Bryn Mawr College before retiring in 2008. He had an interest in mathematics, among other fields, and taught discrete mathematics and mathematical logic at Bryn Mawr. A colleague said that Weaver "taught with passion and rigor, and cared deeply about his courses and the students. Students who studied with him had a deep respect and admiration for him." Weaver was an AMS member since 1972. Read more about his life in an obituary published in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Weaver reportedly died on December 4, 2015.

Related material in this journal on the date of Weaver's death —

Friday, December 4, 2015

Symbology for the Vatican Gift Shop

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(Title adapted from a 1996 Stone Temple Pilots album)

See Symbols, Local and Global (September 26, 2015),
Change Descends (April 11, 2014), and Altar (August 27, 2014).

An Ordinary Morning in New Haven

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Click the above image for a web page on the question
“Why was New Haven divided into nine squares?”.

Enter Raven

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Log24 post of February 3, 2010

Suggested by a passage at dazeddigital.com

"Visser remembers the night everything changed
as if it was yesterday. It was February 3, 2010,
and the band had been booked to play a show
in Johannesburg."

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Exit Slytherin

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This unfortunate title seems inevitable in light of the previous post.

“Henceforth S-S”

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University of Colorado professor Alexander Soifer has written
a sharp reply to a review of his recent book on the noted
mathematician B. L. van der Waerden (1903-1996).

See in the February issue, online today, of the Notices of the
American Mathematical Society 
, Letters to the Editor.

Soifer's letter begins

"The critical September 2015 Notices  review of
my new book 'The Scholar and the State' by
Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze (henceforth S-S)
contradicted his decade of enthusiastic comments
on all my publications about Van der Waerden (VdW)."

Material from this  journal related to the initials "S-S"
and to today's previous post

Posts now tagged Soul Notes.

Raiders of the Lost Box

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See Triumph of the Will and Box of Nothing

"And the Führer digs for trinkets in the desert."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Joyce’s Wake

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This post is thanks to Nicole Kidman

E! Online  today reminds us that "Bowie's song 'Nature Boy' 
was ... featured in Kidman's 2001 film Moulin Rouge ."

A YouTube video of the Moulin Rouge  "Nature Boy"
was uploaded on April 1, 2011. That date in this journal

The last New York Lottery number
of Women's History Month 2011 was 146.

"…every answer involves as much of history
and mythology as Joyce can cram into
remarks which are ostensibly about
popular entertainment…."

James S. Atherton, The Books at the Wake:
A Study of Literary Allusions
in James Joyce's FINNEGANS WAKE 
Southern Illinois University Press,
Carbondale and Edwardsville
(1959. Arcturus Books Edition 1974), p. 146.

James Joyce reportedly died on today's date in 1941.

Geometry for Jews

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(Continued from previous episodes)

'Games Played by Boole and Galois'

Boole and Galois also figure in the mathematics of space
i.e. , geometry.  See Boole + Galois in this journal.

Related material, according to Jung’s notion of synchronicity —

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Harmonic Analysis and Galois Spaces

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The above sketch indicates, in a vague, hand-waving, fashion,
a connection between Galois spaces and harmonic analysis.

For more details of the connection, see (for instance) yesterday
afternoon's post Space Oddity.

Lechner’s Beginning

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Professionally, at least

Click image to enlarge.

See also the previous post, Lechner's End.

For a more up-to-date look at harmonic analysis
and switching functions (i.e., Boolean functions),
see Ryan O'Donnell, Analysis of Boolean Functions ,
Cambridge U. Press, 2014.  Page 40 gives an
informative overview of the history of this field.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Lechner’s End

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A check on the author of the title illustrated at
the end of today's post Space Oddity yields the fact that
Robert J. Lechner reportedly died on Sept. 16, 2014.

For a synchronicity check, see posts now tagged Lechner's End.

Left-Handed Critique

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(Continued from Sousa vs. Boulez, Epiphany 2016)

From Sigla (December 22, 2014) —

"Time is irrelevant in these matters.
Joyce and the monastic brethren who
painted their manuscript ornaments
a thousand years ago were working on
the same project. There was a pattern
to be abstracted…."

— Adolf Holl, The Left Hand of God

Space Oddity

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It is an odd fact that the close relationship between some
small Galois spaces and small Boolean spaces has gone
unremarked by mathematicians.

A Google search today for “Galois spaces” + “Boolean spaces”
yielded, apart from merely terminological sources, only some
introductory material I have put on the Web myself.

Some more sophisticated searches, however led to a few
documents from the years 1971 – 1981 …

Harmonic Analysis of Switching Functions” ,
by Robert J. Lechner, Ch. 5 in A. Mukhopadhyay, editor,
Recent Developments in Switching Theory , Academic Press, 1971.

“Galois Switching Functions and Their Applications,”
by B. Benjauthrit and I. S. Reed,
JPL Deep Space Network Progress Report 42-27 , 1975

D.K. Pradhan, “A Theory of Galois Switching Functions,”
IEEE Trans. Computers , vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 239-249, Mar. 1978

Switching functions constructed by Galois extension fields,”
by Iwaro Takahashi, Information and Control ,
Volume 48, Issue 2, pp. 95–108, February 1981

An illustration from the Lechner paper above —

“There is  such a thing as harmonic analysis of switching functions.”

— Saying adapted from a young-adult novel

Surreal Midrash

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The time of the previous post, 3:10 (AM), suggests, in a
surreal manner that the spirit of the late David Bowie might
find amusing, a review of Log24 posts last year on 3/10 —

An Obit for Dooley and The Big Screw.

As for the time, 6:25, of this  post, see Apocatastasis.


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The New York Times reports the death of David Bowie

Sunday, January 10, 2016


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This journal last Sunday —

For a more traditional sermon from last Sunday 
at Nassau Presbyterian Church, Princeton NJ,
see "God for Dummies."

Sunday Morning Narrative

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Madeleine L'Engle meets Captain America —

This is from a Jan. 27, 2012, post on mathematics and narrative.

Related literary criticism by the late Florence King —

"Given all the historical personages the author whistles in,
one more won't hurt. Nicolas Boileau, the 17th-century
French literary critic, gave writers a piece of advice that
Ms. Neville could use: 'Make not your tale of accidents
too full / too much variety will make it dull / Achilles' rage
alone, when wrought with skill /Abundantly does a whole
"Iliad" fill.' "

NY Times  review of The Eight , a novel by Katherine Neville

Field of Force

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The title is adapted from that of George Steiner's book
Fields of Force: Fischer and Spassky at Reykjavik 
(Published by Viking Adult on June 25, 1974.)

For fields of narrative  force, see the previous post.

See as well a memorable review by the late Florence King
of the novel The Eight  by Katherine Neville. An illustration 
from that review (The New York Times , January 15, 1989) —

Related material Closing the Circle (Log24, Sept. 24, 2009).

Saturday, January 9, 2016

When Sisterhood Was in Flower

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The title is a tribute to the late Florence King, who
reportedly died last Wednesday, January 6, 2016.

It is the title of one of her novels.

Related material from the date of King's death —

An excerpt from King's obituary —

Over the years, some critics took Miss King’s writing to task not for its ideology — the ideology, it was widely understood, went hand in glove with the work — but for its rhetorical excesses.

“She is sharp, no doubt about it,” the novelist and journalist Mary Cantwell wrote in The Times Book Review in 1982, reviewing Miss King’s satirical novel “When Sisterhood Was in Flower.” “Too bad she tends to blunt her points by pushing them too hard.”

But even a blunt instrument, Miss King made plain, admirably served her desired ends.

Margalit Fox in this afternoon's online New York Times


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Charlize Theron in “Young Adult” (2011) —

Related material for older adults: Ravenna and Nietzsche.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Triumph of the Will

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"And the Führer digs for trinkets in the desert."

Ein Kampf

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See the title phrase in this journal.

See as well The Eight  Revisited (Feb. 26, 2003).

Condescension and Hostility

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For the 2016 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Seattle —

"Condescension and a certain amount of hostility
used to mark the critical reaction…."

— Emma Brockes on Stephen King in
    The Guardian , 21 Sept. 2013

Related material:

Remarks from Tilings and Patterns , by Branko Grünbaum
and G. C. Shephard, quoted in the webpage Pattern Groups.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello Kitty

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It's been a long, long time.

Annie’s Song

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News of the Cargill salt mine in Lansing, NY

  an illusory, absurd, accidental, and overelaborate stage.

But if Holy the Firm is ‘underneath salts,’ if Holy the Firm
is matter at its dullest, Aristotle’s materia prima , absolute zero,
and since Holy the Firm is in touch with the Absolute at base,
then the circle is unbroken.  And it is.”

Annie Dillard

Point Omega…

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Continues. See previous episodes.

See as well

The above image is from April 7, 2003.

In Memoriam

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The above new David Bowie video may be
viewed, by those who like such things, as
a memorial to a composer who died on
Twelfth Night (Jan. 5), 2016.

Related material: Faustus in this journal.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


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The above passage is from a Dec. 19, 2015, post,
Nunc Stans , on the death of New York Philharmonic
music director emeritus Kurt Masur.

See also a Log24 search for the word "Correspondences."

Sousa vs. Boulez

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From Sigla (December 22, 2014) —

"Time is irrelevant in these matters.
Joyce and the monastic brethren who
painted their manuscript ornaments
a thousand years ago were working on
the same project. There was a pattern
to be abstracted…."

— Adolf Holl, The Left Hand of God

Un point véritablement final

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The title is a new URL.

Midrash on the URL suffix —

" 'I/O' is a computer term of very long standing
that means 'input/output,' i.e. the means by which
a computer communicates with the outside world.
In a domain name, it's a shibboleth that implies
that the intended audience for a site is other

Phil Darnowsky on Dec. 18, 2014

Remarks for a wider audience —

See some Log24 posts related to Dec. 18, 2014.

For the Graveyard Shift

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“Memorializing is a Jewish composer’s job,” Swados said. 

Read more http://forward.com/news/

Quarter to Three

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Epiphany for Jews

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A quarter to three

and a philosopher's Stone —

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

GitHub Finite-Geometry Page

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Monday, January 4, 2016

“You know my methods…”

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Continued from previous post.

Detail —

Modern Mythology…

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… and reality —

View from the intersection of U.S. Routes 6 and 62


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Seer and Sneer

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The online New Yorker  today

"In 2012, Lucas sold his company
and his homegrown mythology —
I think we call it I.P. now — to Disney."

— Bryan Curtis, "The George Awakens"

After Wallace Stevens

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IMAGE- 'Hope of Heaven,' by John O'Hara, 1947 Avon paperback

For what was

Where it used to be

Supplement to Logic

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For the Janus-Faced Human Race

Related material —

Strange Myths and The Starflight Problem.

Synchronicity check —

"On the afternoon of October 10, 2013,
an unusually cold day, the streets of downtown
Dublin were filled …." — "How Stories Deceive"

See also this  journal on October 10, 2013.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Blur and Murk in an Old Year

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The above title is intended to contrast with the title
of this evening's previous post,
Focus and Clarity in the New Year.

For the Blur and Murk, click on the screenshot below.

Alternate title: Enigma Variations 

Focus and Clarity in the New Year

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A new finite-geometry site will, I hope,
display the above attributes.  It is intended
to have a more discursive approach than
my current files at finitegeometry.org/sc.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Focus and Clarity

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"Readers will inevitably ask why we have chosen
to speak of 'ideas' and not 'ideologies.'
Mainly it is a matter of focus and clarity."

Chirot and Montgomery, The Shape of the New ,
Princeton University Press, 2015

Walter J. Ong, S.J., on words vs. ideas

The Beethoven Midrash

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From Commentary  magazine on Dec. 14, 2015

"Three significant American magazines started life in the 1920s.
The American Mercury , founded in 1924, met with the greatest
initial success, in large part because of the formidable reputations
of its editors, H.L. Mencken and George Jean Nathan, and it soon
became the country’s leading journal of opinion."

— Terry Teachout, article on the history of The New Yorker  

A search for "American Mercury" in this  journal yields a reference from 2003
to a book containing the following passage —

As Webern stated in "The Path to Twelve-Note Composition":

"An example: Beethoven's 'Six easy variations on a Swiss song.'
Theme: C-F-G-A-F-C-G-F, then backwards! You won't notice this
when the piece is played, and perhaps it isn't at all important,
but it is unity ." 

— Larry J. Solomon, Symmetry as a Compositional Determinant ,
     Chapter 8, "Quadrate Transformations"

This is the Beethoven piece uploaded to YouTube by "Music and such…"
on Dec. 12, 2009. See as well this journal on that same date.

A Very Strange Enchanted Town

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The New Yorker  on March 2, 1992 —

Related material:  Go Set a Structure.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Meanwhile, back in 1952…

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"If the old chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth (1147) 
could be trusted, which he cannot be, 
King Cole had a daughter 
who was well skilled in music, 
but we are not informed whether 
her father appreciated her art."

— Iona and Peter Opie,
    The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes ,
    first published in 1951, reprinted with corrections
    in 1952

Art as Religion

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A recent phrase from art critic Peter Schjeldahl —
"art in essence, immaculately conceived."

'No results found in this book [THE LOOM OF GOD] for SYMPLECTIC'

But see "symplectic" in this journal.

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