Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Unthought Known

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(Pearl Jam song title)

Scholium for the Harvard Alcoholic Club

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Perspective for Pullman*

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* I.e., for Philip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials .
  Those who prefer fiction to reality may consult
  a Baja-related search in this  journal for "Sea of Cortez."
  That search in turn suggests a Fandom webpage related
  to yesterday's post "Perspective" —  
  "Luisa Rey is played by Halle Berry in the Wachowski siblings'
  2012 adaptation of Cloud Atlas . . . . Her name is based on 
  The Bridge of San Luis Rey . . . ." 

Doodle Dandy

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"Similarities and parallels can be drawn between alebrijes  
and various supernatural creatures from Mexico's indigenous
and European past." — Wikipedia on the subject of today's
Google Doodle.

"Today’s Doodle celebrates the 115th birthday of
a Mexican artist who turned his dreams into reality…."

Not always a good idea. See the novel in the previous post.

Name That Tune

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"The ability to imagine is the largest part of what you call intelligence.
You think the ability to imagine is merely a useful step on the way to
solving a problem or making something happen. But imagining it is
what makes it happen. 

This is the gift of your species and this is the danger, because you
do not choose to control your imaginings. You imagine wonderful things
and you imagine terrible things, and you take no responsibility for the
choice. You say you have inside you both the power of good and the
power of evil, the angel and the devil, but in truth you have just one
thing inside you—the ability to imagine."

— Michael Crichton, Sphere

I prefer a different tune . . . Number 117 on  
Cara Delevingne's Wall of Sound (click to enlarge):

Monday, June 28, 2021


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Aspiring authors might consult The Bridge of San Luis Rey .


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From the Wikipedia Manual of Style

Writing About Fiction . . .

An in-universe perspective  describes the narrative
(or a fictional element  of the narrative, such as
characters, places, groups, and lore) from the
vantage of characters within the fictional universe,
treating it as if it were real and ignoring 
real-world context and sourced analysis
Many fan wikis and fan websites (see below) take this
approach, but it should not be used for Wikipedia articles.


Related art:

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Musical Space Woo, “Ambiguous Yet Sensual”

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Some background:

See as well Klarwein in this  journal.

I prefer Cara Delevingne's Wall of Sound (click to enlarge):

Critical Space Race Theory

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See as well the Kree vs. the Skrulls.

"… an abundance of types of spaces
can be an extremely confusing situation
to a beginner." — The late Martin Schechter

As can an abundance of types of races.

Important Spaces

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Cleverness Check

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Related structural note:  This  journal on May 23.

For Optimus Prime

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Look Homeward, Diesel

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Our Viennese Heritage — “Racy”?!

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A review of the dramatic legacy of Arthur Schnitzler
(La Ronde Traumnovelle ) seems in order.

Annals of Experimental Theology . . .

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See as well . . .

April 11, 2020, was the dies natalis ,
in the Catholic sense,
of John Horton Conway.

For a Dead Poet

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Critical Space Theory: The Three Stooges at Harvard

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Critical Space Theory, Devil’s Night 2016:  Around Zero

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See as well "Language Log" in this  journal.

Burying the Lede

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"Mr. Meislin was in Mexico City in 1985
when it was devastated by earthquakes,
killing thousands." 

See also posts now tagged Timequake .

Queens Gambit

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Note of 10:44 AM ET, Friday, June 25, 2021 —

"Stephen Elliot Dunn was born on June 24,
1939, in Forest Hills, Queens . . . ."

— https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/25/

Update of 11:07 AM ET the same day —

From Dunn's obituary —

Whether writing about matters small or large,
Mr. Dunn said in a 2010 episode of
The Cortland Review ’s video series “Poets in Person,” 
the key was to find the meaning beneath the experience.

“Even your most serious problem,” he said,
“very few people are going to be interested in
unless you yourself, in the act of writing the poem,
make some discoveries about it.”

—  By Neil Genzlinger, New York Times ,
     June 25, 2021, 10:23 a.m. ET

"We have much to discover." — Saying attributed to 
Christopher Marlowe in a TV series.  See posts now tagged 4X.

Midrash for Doctorow —

Scholium for Pullman —

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Much to Discover… Effectively Conjured

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"We have much to discover." —  Actor portraying
Christopher Marlowe to actress Elaine Cassidy in a TV series.

Persons of Interest

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Margaret Atwood on Lewis Hyde's 
Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art

"Trickster is among other things the gatekeeper who opens the door into the next world; those who mistake him for a psychopath never even know such a door exists." (159)

What is "the next world"? It might be the Underworld….

The pleasures of fabulation, the charming and playful lie– this line of thought leads Hyde to the last link in his subtitle, the connection of the trickster to art. Hyde reminds us that the wall between the artist and that American favourite son, the con-artist, can be a thin one indeed; that craft and crafty rub shoulders; and that the words artifice, artifact, articulation  and art  all come from the same ancient root, a word meaning "to join," "to fit," and "to make." (254)  If it’s a seamless whole you want, pray to Apollo, who sets the limits within which such a work can exist.  Tricksters, however, stand where the door swings open on its hinges and the horizon expands: they operate where things are joined together, and thus can also come apart.

Punch Line . . .

Wrap Party!

Straight Men

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The Rock and the Serpent

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No Joke

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From posts tagged No Joke


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Spring Break Song

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"There's a concert hall in Vienna
Where your mouth had a thousand reviews"

— Leonard Cohen lyric, "Take This Waltz" *

* Adapted from Lorca.

Garden Party

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From the June 22 Architectural Digest  video of
Cara Delevingne's home —

"I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends:
A chance to share old memories and play our songs again.
When I got to the garden party, they all knew my name…
No one recognized me, I didn't look the same."

From a June 21 Instagram story —

From Ernest Hemingway's The Garden of Eden

She slipped out of bed and stood straight with her long brown legs
and her beautiful body tanned evenly from the far beach where they
swam without suits. She held her shoulders back and her chin up
and she shook her head so her heavy tawny hair slapped around
her cheeks and then bowed forward so it all fell forward and covered
her face. She pulled the striped shirt over her head and then shook
her hair back and then sat in the chair in front of the mirror on the
dresser and brushed it back looking at it critically. It fell to the top of
her shoulders. She shook her head at the mirror. Then she pulled on
her slacks and belted them and put on her faded blue rope-soled shoes.

"I have to ride up to Aigues Mortes," she said.

"Good," he said. "I'll come too."

"No. I have to go alone. It's about the surprise."

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Do Androids Dream?

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article: {
  authors: [“Zoe Haylock”],
  keywords: ["architectural digest","house tours",
      "celebrity","internet culture","youtube","extremely online"],
  pageUri: 'www.vulture.com/_pages/
  publishedAt: '2021-06-22T15:11:08.247-04:00'||null,
  title: 'Tour Cara Delevingne’s Willy Wonka Sex Factory
      of a Home'||null,
  wordCount: 259,
  section: 'celebrity'||null,
  featureTypes: [“news-aggregation”],
  syndicationStatus: 'original'||null,
  isBranded: false,
  brandName: ''||null

Why the Playboy  pinball backglass art flashed briefly into the video
at 2:03, I do not know. It appears in full later in the video.

MIA in Nighttown

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Bloomsday for Circe*

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* See (for instance) https://www.ulyssesguide.com/15-circe.

Naked of Hindrance

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The title is a phrase by Wallace Stevens suggested by
the time  of the previous post, 10:06,  as a date .

An Apple for Allison

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From a search in this journal for Nocturnal

"But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane
Let's do the Time Warp again"

Monday, June 21, 2021

The Bauhaus Dance

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"If you have built castles in the air,
your work need not be lost;
that is where they should be.
Now put the foundations under them.”
— Henry David Thoreau


Dark Matter: The Source

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Here is the source of an image from the "tour a book"
link target in the previous post

Note the time and date Midnight on the morning of Oct. 26, 2015.

Synchronology check From that date, posts now tagged Critical Space Theory.

Rocky Mountain Horror Show

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   Or tour a book.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Today’s Springer Sermon

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Roots: A Tale of Two Claire Randalls*

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* The fictional Claire Randall of the above song, and the real
Claire Randall, murdered by her father on December 8, 2016.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Women’s Night Bingo:*

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Resonant Date

The above image is from a post of Dec. 14, 2016, titled "Outer Sanctum." 
See as well an Esquire  magazine, UK, article in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue 
. . . with the issuu.com date Dec. 14, 2016  (pp. 140-141 ff.) —

* Title from a scene in "The Net." 

Devil’s Night 2020

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meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2020-10-30T23:48:08-0700"


The hillbilly response —

   — Image courtesy of yankeegirl60.

"Who were  those masked women?"

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie . . .

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Friday, June 18, 2021


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From the previous post:

"Words are events, happenings, not things,
as letters make them appear to be."
— Walter J. Ong, S.J., page 2 in 
"Writing and the Evolution of Consciousness,"

". . . originally delivered by Walter J. Ong
as the 7th Annual 'Sidney Warhaft Memorial Lecture',
January 26, 1984, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg."

A different Sidney Warhaft memorial —

Photographs are also events.

See this journal on the above photo date — Sept. 17, 2014.

“Words Are Events” — Ong, S. J.

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Lest the title of the TV series in the previous post, "The Chi,"
be mistaken for a reference to the Greek letter  chi

"Words are events, happenings, not things,
as letters make them appear to be."
— Walter J. Ong, S.J., page 2 in 
"Writing and the Evolution of Consciousness,"
in Mosaic: An Interdisciplinary Critical Journal ,
Vol. 18, No. 1 (Winter 1985), pp. 1-10 (11 pages,
counting the prefatory page with a photo of Ong).

Published by: University of Manitoba.

". . . originally delivered by Walter J. Ong
as the 7th Annual 'Sidney Warhaft Memorial Lecture',
January 26, 1984, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg."

See as well . . .

Dark Matter

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Syntactic Structures

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This post was suggested by the repeated occurrences of 
the word "syntactic" in . . .

John F. Fleischauer
(essay date Summer 1989)

Last Updated on May 6, 2015, by eNotes Editorial.
Word Count: 5932

SOURCE: “John Updike's Prose Style:
Definition at the Periphery of Meaning
,” in 
Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 
Vol. XXX, No. 4, Summer, 1989, pp. 277–90.

"In the following essay, Fleischauer examines
the language and syntax of Updike's prose, particularly
aspects of irony, symbolism, and literary detachment
evoked in his use of descriptive vocabulary and imagery.


“Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels . . . .” — Song lyric quoted in
the post Searching for the May Queen: The Amsterdam Windows .

For a Dark Lady

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"Ready on the left . . . Ready on the right . . . "
— Military expression

“Dark, Dark, Dark”

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"O dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon"
— John Milton, Samson Agonistes

"O dark dark dark. They all go into the dark"
— T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets

Easy E . . .

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Lyrics from Bruce Springsteen and
the Pointer Sisters —

Well, Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah
Baby you can bet a love they couldn't deny
My words say split, but my words they lie
Cause when we kiss, ooh, fire


Oh fire
Kisses like fire…
Burn me up with fire
I like what you're doin now, fire
Touchin' me, fire
Touchin' me, burnin me, fire
Take me home

E is for Energy.

Related remarks (suggested by Emma Stone's appearance 
in the "Drop Me a Line" post of August 30, 2015) —

Operation Red Hat

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See as well Todayland.

“Darkness made visible, silence given speech”

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The title is from the previous post,
J. Hillis Miller paraphrasing Milton.
See "Darkness Visible" in this  journal.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

In Memory of J. Hillis Miller

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

What’s in a Name?

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The 7-11 Culture War

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Here  on June 7-11 —

June 7: Pullman's Holy Office

June 11: Dark Materials

For Francisco Franco and Stephen King:

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The Banging


Monday, June 14, 2021

For James Franco and Stephen King: Gutter Geometry

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"Pray for the grace of accuracy." — Robert Lowell

What is wrong with this picture?

Related material from November 22, 2018 —

Diagon Alley

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Schoolboy Problem

Sir Laurence Olivier, in "Term of Trial" (1962), dangles
a participle in front of schoolboy Terence Stamp:

"Walking to school today
my arithmetic book
fell into the gutter"

Fiction For Students

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"… a difficult novel just sits there on your shelf unread —
unless you happen to be a student, in which case you're
obliged to turn the pages of Woolf and Beckett."

— Jonathan Franzen in The New Yorker , 30 September 2002

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Para los Muertos

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Loci for Loki

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Jonathan Franzen on fiction

"Fiction is storytelling, and our reality arguably consists of
the stories we tell about ourselves."

Verba Volant, Scripta Manent

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For  Kristen  Breitweiser

"Daisy, when she comes to tea at Nick's house,
refers to the flowers brought by Gatsby as being
appropriate for a funeral and asks 'Where's the corpse?' 
Gatsby enters immediately thereafter. This foreshadows
what will happen to Gatsby. The dialogue is not in the novel…."

— Discussion of the 2000 TV movie version in
Learning Guide to The Great Gatsby 

Correction to the midrash: 

Sorvino actually says, when there is a knock at the door,

"That must be the corpse."

Jersey girls are tough.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Hillbilly Elegy …

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Milton Moses

Related remarks . . .


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The 24 Box

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The number 24 may be studied via various geometrical models.
Here is one such model* —

— From a book published in 1999 by Harvard University Press:

* Note for pedagogues: Latour's "three ranks" should be "three files."
Ranks are horizontal, files vertical. Also, there may be more than 24
compartments in the cabinet, but Latour discusses only those shown.

The Forging

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Update at 2:06 PM ET the same day — Riddled with Gaps

The Aloha Credit

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Dark Materials

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Items from the Dark Matter Research Unit office in
the recent HBO version of His Dark Materials

Closeup of the I Ching  book:

Closeup of parquet-style patterns in a 4x4x2 array —

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Idiosyncratic Blend

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Group Actions on Partitions: A Review

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From "A Four-Color Theorem:
Function Decomposition Over a Finite Field
" —

Related material —

An image from Monday's post
"Scholastic Observation" —

A set of 7 partitions of the 2x2x2 cube that is invariant under PSL(2, 7) acting on the 'knight' coordinatization

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Marking the End

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Miller died on February 7, 2021. 
See that date in this  journal

“Before time began, there was the Cube.”
— Hassenfeld Brothers cinematic merchandising slogan.

Update at noon on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 —

Related material on Frye and deconstruction —

From "The First Major Theoretician? Northrop Frye
and Literary Theory
," by Jonathan A. Allan,
Brandon University, Canadian Review of
Comparative Literature
, March 2017, page 89 —

Towards the end of his career, when it was clear that literary theory had taken hold in the academy, Frye began to reflect on literary theory. In an interview with Deanne Bogdan, Frye laments, “I am feeling out of the great critical trends today”….  Northrop Frye was right that he was “out of fashion,” both in terms of his own theories and his place in literary theory; however, he did seek to reverse the course. Frye hoped to reclaim literary studies from deconstruction, which had become, in a sense, his chief opponent ….

Monday, June 7, 2021

Scholastic Observation . . .

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In memory of the U.S. publisher of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ,*
who, The New York Times  reports this evening, died Saturday (June 5, 2021) —

 * Original British title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone .

The Content User

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The Counter Offensive

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On the above BBC One date — "Sun 15 Nov 2020" —

Pullman’s Holy Office

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Good question.  From Philip Pullman's recent HBO version of
"His Dark Materials," The University of Oxford’s St. Peter’s College:

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Large-Screen Pioneer

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From today's New York Times  obituary of a pioneering filmmaker —

"In 1948, he enrolled at the University of Toronto 
to study political science and economics.
The avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren taught
a workshop at the university one semester and
he became her lighting assistant. She encouraged
him to abandon economics and make movies instead."

Deren previously appeared here on Sunday, March 31, 2019:

For some wide-screen non-illusion, see . . .

Related material —

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Bavarian Scholarship

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From my search history tonight —

11:11 PM

Number Theory – BSB Catalog  opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de

11:13 PM

Klein's paradox, the icosahedron, and ring class fields | SpringerLink

A resulting quotation —

"Our attempt to explain and motivate is not merely a matter of historical whimsy."

— Harvey Cohn.  See also Cohn in the previous post's link to 9/11, 2014.

An Opening of Portals

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The title is a phrase by Wallace Stevens.
See Staats-Oper , a post of Thursday, June 3.

See as well posts of 9/11, 2014 . . . a date suggested by the song lyric
"Oh, moon of Alabama" in one of those posts. The song lyric was in turn
suggested by a New York Times  obituary this evening.

For other suggestive remarks, see Bowie in this  journal.

Times Square Logic

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Dialogue from Season 1, Episode 8 of "His Dark Materials" —

Asriel:  And the serpent said, "You shall not surely die, for the Authority doth know that on that day that ye eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened, your daemons shall assume their true form and ye shall be as…"

Both:  "… gods, knowing good and…"

Lyra:  "… evil."

Asriel:  "… Dust ." You see? They have been trying to convince us for centuries that we are born guilty. And that we have to spend a lifetime atoning for the crime of eating an apple. Is there any proof for this heinous stain, this shame, this guilt? No, not at all. We are to take it on faith, and on the word of the Authority.

But Dust… Dust is an elementary particle that we can record, measure, study.

Read more at:

Related material: Times Square Logic Log24 posts now tagged
"Times Square Logic" include two from April 7, 2015, the date of
Geoffrey Lewis's death.

Lewis played, notably, "Hard Case Williams" in Lust in the Dust  (1984).

Thursday, June 3, 2021


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Arthur Staats, the very influential psychologist who
established the practice of "time out" for naughty
children, reportedly "died at 97 on April 26
at his home in Oahu, Hawaii." 

The New York Times  says this evening that 

"Dr. Staats’s legacy was reflected by
the license plate of his silver BMW —

TYM-OUT . . . ."

Related material —

"I love those Bavarians … So meticulous."
— The Devil, according to Don Henley

Notes towards the Redefinition of Culture

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"My little horse must think it queer" — Robert Frost.

This is from a poem mentioned here on December 22, 2004,
in a post titled "The Longest Night."

Related material from December 21, 2004 —

And then there is the Timeless  Square . . .

See "Framed" (May 30) and "In Memory of Ernst Eduard Kummer" (May 14).

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Hell Hall:

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Requiem for a Producer 

Elements of Style

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