Monday, April 4, 2016

Noon for London

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(A sequel to today's earlier posts Cube for Berlin and Midnight for Paris.)

See London in this journal.

That search yields

“The more intellectual, less physical,
the spell of contemplation
the more complex must be the object,
the more close and elaborate
must be the comparison
the mind has to keep making
between the whole and the parts,
the parts and the whole.”

— The Journals and Papers of Gerard Manley Hopkins , 
ed. by Humphry House (London: Oxford University Press, 1959),
as quoted by Philip A. Ballinger in The Poem as Sacrament 

(From the post The Inscape of 24, April 24, 2014. The 14 blocks in
the design S(3, 4, 8) of today's previous post are analogous to the 759
blocks in the design S(5, 8, 24).)

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