Saturday, January 9, 2016

When Sisterhood Was in Flower

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The title is a tribute to the late Florence King, who
reportedly died last Wednesday, January 6, 2016.

It is the title of one of her novels.

Related material from the date of King's death —

An excerpt from King's obituary —

Over the years, some critics took Miss King’s writing to task not for its ideology — the ideology, it was widely understood, went hand in glove with the work — but for its rhetorical excesses.

“She is sharp, no doubt about it,” the novelist and journalist Mary Cantwell wrote in The Times Book Review in 1982, reviewing Miss King’s satirical novel “When Sisterhood Was in Flower.” “Too bad she tends to blunt her points by pushing them too hard.”

But even a blunt instrument, Miss King made plain, admirably served her desired ends.

Margalit Fox in this afternoon's online New York Times

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