Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday February 29, 2008

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I Have a

Noting today that the time was 11:32 (AM ET),  a portentous number in Finnegans Wake, I decided to practice a bit of chronomancy (use of time for augury).  My weblog's server infomed me when I pressed "enter" that it thought the exact time was 11:32:39.  Consulting (as in Symmetry and Change in the Dreamtime) the I Ching for the meaning of (hexagram) 39, I found the following:

The hexagram pictures a dangerous abyss lying before us and a steep, inaccessible mountain rising behind us…. One must join forces with friends of like mind and put himself under the leadership of a man equal to the situation: then one will succeed in removing the obstacles.

For the abyss and the mountain, see the five log24 entries ending on July 5, 2005, with "The Edge of Eternity." As for "friends of like mind," see the previous entry's references to July 2005.  "The leadership of a man equal to the situation" is more difficult to interpret.  Perhaps it refers, as a politician recently noted, to "a king who took us to the mountain-top and pointed the way to the promised land." Or perhaps to a different king.


Click on image for details.
Note the time: 11:32 (of 13:09).
The moment is that of the syllable
"mount" in the quotation above.

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  1. Paul Dirac, one of the founders of quantum mechanics, famously said, “A physical theory must possess mathematical beauty.” In the most basic explanation, mathematical beauty is related to simplicity and surprise. The importance of simplicity goes back centuries and is most famously supported by Occam’s razor, the principle that states the simplest solution to a problem is best. (via Columbia Spectator)


    I wish I could say that I discovered that all on my own; read it on XINERGY.  Lovely Xanga.  Made me think of you …

    Comment by BlueCollarGoddess — Tuesday, May 6, 2008 @ 1:17 PM

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