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Mathematics Awareness Month

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April is Mathematics Awareness Month.
This year's theme is "Unraveling Complex Systems."

From Log24 during Women's History Month 2006—

March 3

Images related to the film "Proof"

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Some friends of mine
 are in this band….

In related education news—


Some other material related to women (quilt patterns) and mathematics—


Click for higher quality.

For those who prefer drama from a more masculine point of view—

A film released on the above date— March 3, 2006—

16 Blocks.


A midrash for Paltrow—

The last New York Lottery number
of Women's History Month 2011 was 146.

"…every answer involves as much of history
and mythology as Joyce can cram into
remarks which are ostensibly about
popular entertainment…."

James S. Atherton, The Books at the Wake:
A Study of Literary Allusions
in James Joyce's FINNEGANS WAKE
Southern Illinois University Press,
Carbondale and Edwardsville
(1959. Arcturus Books Edition 1974), p. 146.

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