Thursday, August 12, 2021

A Square Crystal Paperweight

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Friday March 31, 2006

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Women's History Month continues…
Ontology Alignment

"He had with him a small red book of Mao's poems, and as he talked he squared it on the table, aligned it with the table edge first vertically and then horizontally.  To understand who Michael Laski is you must have a feeling for that kind of compulsion."

— Joan Didion in the Saturday Evening Post,
Nov. 18, 1967 (reprinted in Slouching Towards Bethlehem)

"Or were you," I said.
He said nothing.
"Raised a Catholic," I said.
He aligned a square crystal paperweight with the edge of his desk blotter.

— Joan Didion in The Last Thing He Wanted, Knopf, 1996

"It was Plato who best expressed– who veritably embodied– the tension between the narrative arts and mathematics….

Plato clearly loved them both, both mathematics and poetry.  But he approved of mathematics, and heartily, if conflictedly, disapproved of poetry.  Engraved above the entrance to his Academy, the first European university, was the admonition: Oudeis ageometretos eiseto.  Let none ignorant of geometry enter.  This is an expression of high approval indeed, and the symbolism could not have been more perfect, since mathematics was, for Plato, the very gateway for all future knowledge.  Mathematics ushers one into the realm of abstraction and universality, grasped only through pure reason.  Mathematics is the threshold we cross to pass into the ideal, the truly real."

— Rebecca Goldstein, 
Mathematics and the Character of Tragedy

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Pause and Rewind

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A well in the opening scenes of the 2020 film version of Joan Didion's
1996 novel The Last Thing He Wanted


From a link in the previous post

Sorvino in “The Last Templar
at the Church of the Lost Well:

Mira Sorvino at the Church of the Lost Well in 'The Last Templar'

Consider the source.


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An online New York Times  obituary today
of a scholar who reportedly died on August 1 —

"In a career that took him to Hong Kong and Taiwan,
as well as a succession of Ivy League universities,
Professor Yu often returned to the theme that China’s
long traditions could be a wellspring, not an enemy,
of enlightenment, individual dignity and democracy."

— Chris Buckley

Cf.  Hexagram 48 in this  journal and some synonyms:

Monday, July 19, 2021

Seeking the Source

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A post from January 21, 2003, now also tagged Big Sur,
suggested a search for the source of that post's
Shih Te poem. The result of the search —

Related Fredonia material, from posts tagged Church and Temple

Update, from six minutes later, on related entertainment —


Update of 12:38 PM ET on the next day — July 20, 2021 —


Crystal Poem by Shide (Shih Te, etc.)

at https://terebess.hu/zen/chang/shide.html

from "Comparative List of Shide's Poems" —

Traditional Chinese:


Simplified Chinese:



wú qù wú lái běn zhàn rán ,
bù jū nèi wài jí zhōng jiān 。
yī kē shuǐ jīng jué xiá yì ,
guāng míng tòu mǎn chū rén tiān 。

English Translation by Paul Rouzer:

No goings, no comings, originally tranquil;
No dwelling within or without, or at the point between.
A single crystal of purity without flaw or crack;
Its light penetrates and fills up the worlds of men and gods.

English Translation by Red Pine:

Not waxing or waning essentially still
not inside or outside and nowhere between
a single flawless crystal
whose light shines through to gods and men


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