Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday August 6, 2009

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A Fisher of Men
Cover, Schulberg's novelization of 'Waterfront,' Bantam paperback
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Dove logo, First United Methodist Church of Bloomington, Indiana

From a webpage of the First United Methodist Church of Bloomington, Indiana–


Dr. Joe Emerson, April 24, 2005–

"The Ultimate Test"

— Text: I Peter 2:1-9

Dr. Emerson falsely claims that the film "On the Waterfront" was based on a book by the late Budd Schulberg (who died yesterday). (Instead, the film's screenplay, written by Schulberg– similar to an earlier screenplay by Arthur Miller, "The Hook"–  was based on a series of newspaper articles by Malcolm Johnson.)

"The movie 'On the Waterfront' is once more in rerun. (That’s when Marlon Brando looked like Marlon Brando.  That’s the scary part of growing old when you see what he looked like then and when he grew old.)  It is based on a book by Budd Schulberg."


Emerson goes on to discuss the book, Waterfront, that Schulberg wrote based on his screenplay–

"In it, you may remember a scene where Runty Nolan, a little guy, runs afoul of the mob and is brutally killed and tossed into the North River.  A priest is called to give last rites after they drag him out."


Hook on cover of Budd Schulberg's novel 'Waterfront' (NY Times obituary, detail)

New York Times today

Dr. Emerson flunks the test.


Dr. Emerson's sermon is, as noted above (Text: I Peter 2:1-9), not mainly about waterfronts, but rather about the "living stones" metaphor of the Big Fisherman.

My own remarks on the date of Dr. Emerson's sermon

The 4x6 array used in the Miracle Octad Generator of R. T. Curtis

Those who like to mix mathematics with religion may regard the above 4×6 array as a context for the "living stones" metaphor. See, too, the five entries in this journal ending at 12:25 AM ET on November 12 (Grace Kelly's birthday), 2006, and today's previous entry.

Thursday August 6, 2009

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The Running

"Budd Schulberg, who wrote the award-winning screenplay for 'On the Waterfront' and created a classic American archetype of naked ambition, Sammy Glick, in his novel What Makes Sammy Run?, died on Wednesday. He was 95…."

Running man with blue background on the cover of 'Eye of Cat,' by Roger Zelazny

Log24, Dec. 16, 2003:

See, too, Blue Matrices, and
a link for Beethoven's birthday:

Juliette Binoche with musical score from Kieslowski's 'Blue'

Song for the
Unification of Europe

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