Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Once Upon a Time in Laurel Canyon

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In memory of a screenwriter who reportedly died today —

“Ms. Frank lived in Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills….”
The New York Times  today

“Here, under the shadow of the great tree, I have found peace.”
Mike Nichols in 1965

Saturday, January 25, 2020


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Friday, January 24, 2020

Oettinger Quote

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Quote Investigator on May 4, 2010* —

"QI  has traced the core of the quotation
to the work of an early researcher in
artificial intelligence, Anthony Oettinger,
who was trying to get a computer to
manipulate the English language."

See as well Oettinger in 1963.

"And that  was the state  of the  art."
— Adapted from Stephen Sondheim

* Cf.  this  journal on that date.

Lucido Dreaming

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Anthony Powell's 'O, How the Wheel Becomes It!' along with Laertes' comment 'This nothing's more than matter.'

(From "Today's Sermon," Jan. 24, 2010.)

Smart Jewish Girl*…

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Suggests the word dreamlogic. And so

"You are getting sleepy, very sleepy "

"In this state of free-association, each new thought
resembles or overlaps or somehow connects-to
the previous thought. As our alertness continues to fall —
as we continue to grow more tired — we lose contact with
external reality.

'The sweetness/ of the gentle world you had made for him
dissolving beneath/ his drowsy eyelids, into the foretaste of
sleep — .'  (Rilke, transl. Stephen Mitchell.) Eventually we
sleep and dream."

— Edge.org, "Dream-logic, the Internet and Artificial Thought,"
by David Gelernter [7.7.10]

* Aimee Lucido

Wheel Turnin’ ’Round and ’Round

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Exploring Schoolgirl Space…

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Continued .

"Old men ought to be explorers." — T. S. Eliot.

Rose the Hat in her younger days.

See as well Barsotti in this journal.

The Demarcation of Nothing

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" nothing could be demarcated as 'hors d'oeuvre'…"

Geoffrey Hartman in his Haskins Lecture for 2000
(quoted here on Columbus Day, 2004).

See also May Day 2016 and Gap Dance.

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