Monday, November 20, 2017

Dating Charlie*

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Washington Post  dateline . . .

November 20 at 6:34 PM

Address . . .

with-nudity-groping-and-lewd-calls/2017/11/20/ . . .

See also Charlie Rose in this  journal.

The only post found in a Log24 search for "Charlie Rose" is about
his May 7, 2008, interview with a Museum of Modern Art figure,
Paola Antonelli.  A more recent appearance by Antonelli —

Synchronolgy check — Log24 on the date 5 June 2012.

* Title and wording of post revised the following day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday May 8, 2008

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Today is the feast of
Saint Robert A. Heinlein.

Time of the above: 1:00 PM.
Update of 2:07 PM —

On the local Charlie Rose broadcast today at about 1:48 PM, Paola Antonelli, the organizer of an exhibit at MoMA, "Design and the Elastic Mind," talked about science fiction's influence (or non-influence) on the exhibit. She used the metaphor "the day after tomorrow." As I had just written a link relating design, science fiction, and May 10 (the date of the literal day after tomorrow– click on "feast" above), I found her remarks of interest. Here is a related passage from a web page.

Paola Antonelli, curator of 'Design and the Elastic Mind' at MoMA
Paola Antonelli

Photo Credit: Andrea Ciotti

Antonelli on scientists as designers who do not call themselves designers:

"So they all try to reach out. They have that in common. Then what they have in common is this attempt to… propose something for the real future. I don't really like science fiction, but I like to think of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."


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