Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chinese Epiphany

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References here yesterday to Epiphany 
and to Chinese logic suggest two observations—

First, a political interpretation of the number "64.89" 
from Monday's Shanghai stock market index
yielded the date  6/4 in 1989—

IMAGE- Google search on '64.89 Shanghai'

Second, an interpretation of 64.89 as the number  64 in 1989
(on the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6)—

Note of January 6, 1989 showing 
the 64 hexagrams in the von Franz style

No connection of the number  64 with the date  6/4 is implied.

Venus Winks…

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… and Money Talks—

IMAGE- NY Times file photo of Venus's transit of sun, with market quotes

This morning's post Chinese Epiphany discussed interpretations of Chinese
stock market numbers.  A followup is shown above.

Here 12:12, the time of the New York Times  market quotes pictured,
may be interpreted as 12/12, Sinatra's birthday. The percentage
numbers +0.07 and +0.11 are, of course, lucky for gamblers.

The percentage number -0.01 is perhaps less lucky, but for whom?

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