Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday May 24, 2008

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Time After Time

From the five entries ending
on St. Bridget's Day, 2008:

Dana R. Wright on James Edwin Loder, Jr.

"At his memorial service his daughter Tami told the story of 'little Jimmy,' whose kindergarten teacher recognized a special quality of mind that set him apart. 'Every day we read a story, and after the story is over, Jimmy gets up and wants to tell us what the story means.'"

"I confess I do not believe in time."
Nabokov, Speak, Memory

From May 20:
"Welcome to the
Garden Club, Pilgrim."

Related material:
Primitive Roots
and a video from
Perth, Australia:

Video remix of Alice in Wonderland from Perth, Australia

"The drum beats out of time"
— Song lyric, Cyndi Lauper  

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