Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday July 20, 2006

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Bead Game

Those who clicked on Rieff’s concept in the previous entry will know about the book that Rieff titled Sacred Order/Social Order: My Life among the Deathworks.

That entry, from Tuesday, July 18, was titled “Sacred Order,” and gave as an example the following figure:

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(Based on Weyl’s Symmetry)

For the use of this same figure to represent a theatrical concept–

“It’s like stringing beads on a necklace. By the time the play ends, you have the whole necklace.”

— see Ursprache Revisited (June 9, 2006).

Of course, the figure also includes a cross– or “deathwork”– of sorts.  These incidental social properties of the figure (which is purely mathematical in origin) make it a suitable memorial for a theatre critic who died on the date of the previous entry– July 18– and for whom the American Theatre Wing’s design awards, the Henry Hewes Awards, are named.

“The annual awards honor designers… recognizing not only the traditional design categories of sets, costumes and lighting, but also ‘Notable Effects,’ which encompasses sound, music, video, puppets and other creative elements.” —BroadwayWorld.com

For more on life among the deathworks, see an excellent review of the Rieff book mentioned above.


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