Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Square-Triangle Theorem

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(Continued from March 18, 2012)

Found in a search this evening—

How Does One Cut a Triangle?  by Alexander Soifer

(Second edition, Springer, 2009. First edition published
by Soifer's Center for Excellence in Mathematical Education,
Colorado Springs, CO, in 1990.)

This book, of xxx + 174 pages, covers questions closely related
to the "square-triangle" result I published in a letter to the 
editor of the June-July 1985 American Mathematical Monthly
(Vol. 92, No. 6, p. 443).  See Square-Triangle Theorem.

Soifer's four pages of references include neither that letter
nor the Monthly  item, "Miscellaneum 129: Triangles are square"
of a year earlier that prompted the letter.

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