Sunday, February 3, 2013


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From the 1984 New Orleans film Tightrope


Related material: Walking the Tightrope and Transgressing.


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Blake on the Bus

Note the contemptible adolescent misinformation
about Jim Morrison, The Doors, and Blake.

The Doors may have been named after neither
Blake's original version of the phrase "the doors
of perception" nor  Aldous Huxley's 1954
drug-related book by that title.

See also The Perception of Doors in this journal.

The Gospel According to Cartier

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Yesterday's 11 AM post Mad Day concluded
with a link to a 2001 American Mathematical Society
article by Pierre Cartier that sums up the religion and
politics of many mathematicians

"Here ends the infancy narrative of the gospel…."

"… while Simone Weil's Catholicism was violently
anti-Semitic (in 1942!), Grothendieck's Buddhism
bears a strong resemblance to the practices of
his Hasidic ancestors."

See also Simone Weil in this journal.

Note esp. a post of April 6, 2004 that provides
a different way of viewing Derrida's notion of
inscription .

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Catholic Schools Week

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"The theme for the National Catholic Schools Week 2013
is 'Catholic Schools Raise the Standards.' The annual
observance starts the last Sunday in January and runs
all week, which in 2013 is January 27 to February 2." 

"After all, tomorrow is another day." —Scarlett O'Hara,
quoted here in a post of May 9, 2005.

"Dr.  Tomorrow is another guy ." —A comment on that post.

The Dr. Tomorrow link leads to a page promoting something
called the Institute of Noetic Sciences. This in turn leads to
the 2009 Dan Brown novel The Lost Symbol .

For related material in this journal, see
Raiders of the Lost Dingbat.

As for raising the standards, see the conclusion of
Adolf Holl's The Left Hand of God 

Mad Day

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A perceptive review of Missing Out: In Praise of the Unlived Life

IMAGE- The perception of doors

"Page 185: 'Whatever else we are, we are also mad.' "

Related material— last night's Outside the Box and, from Oct. 22 last year

"Some designs work subtly.
Others are successful through sheer force."

Par exemple—

IMAGE- The Cartier diamond ring from 'Inside Man'

See also Cartier in this journal.

The Cartier link leads to, among other things

A Mad Day’s Work: From Grothendieck to Connes and Kontsevich.
The Evolution of Concepts of Space and Symmetry
by Pierre Cartier, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society ,
Vol. 38 (2001) No. 4, pages 389-408

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