Friday, March 5, 2021

Whispering Into the Stone:

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The Echo Arc

Thursday, March 4, 2021

The After-Party Date

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“What dreams may come?”

“Good question.”

Loki in Dogville

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“You can’t please everyone,
so you got to please yourself.”

— “Garden Party,” Rick Nelson 


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Teaching the Academy to See

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“Art bears the same relationship to society
that the dream bears to mental life. . . .
Like art, the dream mediates between order
and chaos. So, it is half chaos. That is why
it is not comprehensible. It is a vision, not
a fully fledged articulated production.
Those who actualize those half-born visions
into artistic productions are those who begin
to transform what we do not understand into
what we can at least start to see.”

— A book published on March 2, 2021:
Beyond Order , by Jordan Peterson

The inarticulate, in this case, is Rosalind Krauss:

A “raid on the inarticulate” published in Notices of the
American Mathematical Society  in the February 1979 issue —

The Cullinane diamond theorem, AMS Notices, Feb. 1979, pp. A-193-194

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