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Chromatic Plenitude

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(Continued from 2 PM ET Tuesday)

“… the object sets up a kind of frame or space or field 
within which there can be epiphany.”

— Charles Taylor, "Epiphanies of Modernism,"
Chapter 24 of Sources of the Self
(Cambridge U. Press, 1989, p. 477) 

"The absolute consonance is a state of chromatic plenitude."

Charles Rosen

"… the nearest precedent might be found in Becky Sharp .
The opening of the Duchess of Richmond's ball,
with its organization of strong contrasts and
display of chromatic plenitude, presents a schema…."

— Scott Higgins, Harnessing the Technicolor Rainbow:
Color Design in The 1930s 
, University of Texas Press,
2007, page 142

Schema I    (Click to enlarge.)

Note the pattern on the dance floor.

(Click for wider image.)

Schema II 

"At the still point…" — Four Quartets

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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In memory of Charles Rosen:

IMAGE- Herbert John Ryser, 'Combinatorial Mathematics' (1963), page 1

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Chromatic Plenitude (Rosen on Schoenberg)

IMAGE- Charles Rosen on 'a final demarcation of form'


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"The study of musical form is an attempt to understand
the way in which musical gestures can be prolonged
and brought to a conclusion. The work of a great critic
like Charles Rosen can entirely change our
understanding of form— not merely by destroying the
neat categories of traditional musicology, but by
showing that form is a large-scale working-out of forces
that are brought into being by the musical material itself."

The Aesthetics of Music , by Roger Scruton,
     Oxford University Press, 1997 (according to
     a free online text version of the book)

The link to Rosen has been added. He died on Sunday.

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