Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Enda’s Game

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An April 4 Boston Globe  story by Kevin Cullen
suggests a review of …

  • "The Dead," by James Joyce
  • "Clay," by James Joyce
  • Dreamcatcher , by Stephen King
  • Enda's Game, a post quoting Tolkien
    on telepathic communication

Spring Play

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The spring play this March at Princeton's McCarter Theatre Center
was Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap."

In related news —

See as well, in this  journal, a post from the date pictured above,
that of the Disneyland Diamond Celebration on May 22, 2015 —

Donald Duck with pentagram

Stevens Illustrated

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From a Stevens poem, "The Public Square" —

"A slash of angular blacks."

I Ching hexagram 14, box style

See also "Hexagram 14."

A Hard Card

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From the April 2 obituary of a counterculture figure —

"Ms. Crystal was born Jacqueline Diamond
on Dec. 21, 1947, in Manhattan and grew up
in Mamaroneck, N.Y. Her father, Jack, owned
J. Diamond Furs. Her mother, the former Rita
Dunn, was a fur model who, after marrying,
stayed home to raise her children."

— William Grimes in The New York Times

"Jack o' Diamonds is a hard card to play."

From Log24 on the reported date of Ms. Crystal's death —

On 'The Public Square,' from 'Edgar Allan Poe, Wallace Stevens, and the Poetics of American Privacy'- 'A slash of angular blacks...'

Blackboard Jungle Continues

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Images from a post titled For Stephen King

IMAGE- Long division, yellow chalk, 12977 divided by 23

IMAGE- From a Lawrence Block mystery 'A Stab in the Dark'- 'There was a problem in long division worked out in yellow chalk on the blackboard' and 'You wanted a picture'-Lynn London

Related images —

"Pray for the grace of accuracy" — Robert Lowell

“Puzzle Cube of a Novel”

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"To know the mind of the creator"

Or that of Orson Welles

Related material — Cube Coloring.

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