Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where Entertainment Is God

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“What’s on the program?”

— Seymour Glass to Sybil in “A Perfect Day for Bananafish

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Study This Example, Part II

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(Continued from 10:09 AM today)

The quotation below is from a webpage on media magnate
Walter Annenberg.

Annenberg Hall at Harvard, originally constructed to honor
the Civil War dead, was renamed in 1996 for his son Roger,
Harvard Class of ’62.


“It was said that Roger was ‘moody and sullen’
spending large parts of his time reading poetry
and playing classical music piano. It had been
reported that Roger attempted suicide at the
age of eleven by slitting his wrists. He recovered
and was graduated Magna Cum Laude from
Episcopal Academy in our area. For awhile,
Roger attended Harvard, but he was removed
from the school’s rolls after Roger stopped doing
his school work and spent almost all his time
reading poetry in his room. He then was sent to
an exclusive and expensive treatment center
in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. At that facility,
Roger became more remote. It was said that he
often didn’t recognize or acknowledge his father.
On August 7, 1962, Roger Annenberg died from
an overdose of sleeping pills.”

A more appropriate Annenberg memorial, an article
in The Atlantic  magazine on June 25, notes that…

“Among those who ended up losing their battles
with mental illness through suicide are
Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Vincent van Gogh,
John Berryman, Hart Crane, Mark Rothko, Diane Arbus,
Anne Sexton, and Arshile Gorky.”

Study This Example

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The authors of the following offer an introduction to symmetry
in quilt blocks.  They assume, perhaps rightly, that their audience
is intellectually impaired:

“A quilt block is made of 16 smaller squares.
Each small square consists of two triangles.”

Study this example of definition.
(It applies quite precisely to the sorts of square patterns
discussed in the 1976 monograph Diamond Theory , but
has little relevance for quilt blocks in general.)

Some background for those who are not  intellectually impaired:
Robinson’s book Definition in this journal and at Amazon.

The McLuhan Dimension

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"History is a deep and complicated puzzle—
especially when it involves more dimensions than time."

Introduction to a novella in Analog Science Fiction

IMAGE- Marshall McLuhan

IMAGE- Annenberg Hall at Harvard

IMAGE- Search for 'quilt geometry' yields a result from Annenberg Media.

"Annenberg Hall" at Harvard was originally part of a memorial for
Civil War dead. Formerly "Alumni Hall," it was renamed in 1996.

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