Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Caution: Slow Art

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"Of course, DeLillo being DeLillo,
it’s the deeper implications of the piece —
what it reveals about the nature of
film, perception and time — that detain him."

— Geoff Dyer, review of Point Omega

Related material:

A phrase of critic Robert Hughes,
"slow art," in this journal.

A search for that phrase yields the following
figure from a post on DeLillo of Oct. 12, 2011:

The 3x3 square

The above 3×3 grid is embedded in a 
somewhat more sophisticated example
of conceptual art from April 1, 2013:

IMAGE- A Galois-geometry key to Desargues' theorem

Update of April 12, 2013

The above key uses labels from the frontispiece
to Baker's 1922 Principles of Geometry, Vol. I ,
that shows a three-triangle version of Desargues's theorem.

A different figure, from a site at National Tsing Hua University,
shows the three triangles of Baker's figure more clearly:

IMAGE- Desargues' theorem with three triangles (the large Desargues configuration) and Galois-geometry version

Art Wars (continued)

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This Way to the Egress:

Click images for some background.

A Text (continued)

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This journal on July 2, 2007:

(Click for more of the post)

IMAGE- Wallace Stevens, 'A text that is an answer, although obscure'

A text:

IMAGE- Epigraph to 'Things Fall Apart,' by Chinua Achebe

Related material from July 3, 2007:

(Click for a clearer image of the quiz below.)

For answers to the quiz, see Jonathan Langdale.

For a deeper look at Achebe, see the following quote
in the context of last night's post on Hitchcock 

— as well as Time + Eternity + Cloth in this journal.

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