Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Michael Porter: The Great and Powerful

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Thanks to University Diaries for her link today to an
excellent Forbes  article on management guru Michael Porter.

Related searches (click images to enlarge)—

For some background, see Diamond model in Wikipedia.

The Stewart quoted in Forbes  is Matthew Stewart, author of The Management Myth .

Smoke and Mirrors

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Sistine Chapel Smoke

Tromso Kunsthall Mirrors

Background for the smoke  image:
A remark by Michelangelo in a 2007 post,  High Concept.

Background for the mirrors  image:
Note the publication date— Mar. 10, 2013.

See that date in this journal and related material.


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For the Garden of Good and Evil

(Click image for some backstory.)

Tim Robbins in 'Mystic River'

On Cambridge, Massachusetts:

"By all means accept the invitation to hell,
should it come. It will not take you far—
from Cambridge to hell is only a step;
or at most a hop, skip, and jump.
But now you are evading— you are
dodging the issue… after all,
Cambridge is hell enough."

— Great Circle , a 1933 novel by Conrad Aiken
(father of Joan Aiken, who wrote The Shadow Guests )

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