Monday, March 4, 2013

Occupy Galois Space

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Continued from February 27, the day Joseph Frank died

"Throughout the 1940s, he published essays
and criticism in literary journals, and one,
'Spatial Form in Modern Literature'—
a discussion of experimental treatments
of space and time by Eliot, Joyce, Proust,
Pound and others— published in
The Sewanee Review  in 1945, propelled him
to prominence as a theoretician."

— Bruce Weber in this morning's print copy
of The New York Times  (p. A15, NY edition)

That essay is reprinted in a 1991 collection
of Frank's work from Rutgers University Press:

See also Galois Space and Occupy Space in this journal.

Frank was best known as a biographer of Dostoevsky.
A very loosely related reference… in a recent Log24 post,
Freeman Dyson's praise of a book on the history of
mathematics and religion in Russia:

"The intellectual drama will attract readers
who are interested in mystical religion
and the foundations of mathematics.
The personal drama will attract readers
who are interested in a human tragedy
with characters who met their fates with
exceptional courage."

Frank is survived by, among others, his wife, a mathematician.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Midnight in Pynchon*

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"It is almost as though Pynchon wishes to
repeat the grand gesture of Joyce’s Ulysses…."

Vladimir Tasic on Pynchon's Against the Day

Related material:

Tasic's Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Thought  
and Michael Harris's "'Why Mathematics?' You Might Ask"

*See also Occupy Galois Space and Midnight in Dostoevsky.

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