Monday, December 3, 2012

The Revisiting

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Alan Cowell in the The New York Times ,
October 21, 2006— 

"Mr. Pinter played the role of Krapp,
a 69-year-old man revisiting
a tape recording he had made at 39…."

See also a weblog post by a 69-year-old man
revisiting a drawing he had made at 39.

The revisiting:

On Guy Fawkes Day 2011,
a return to Guy Fawkes day 2005—
Contrapuntal Themes in a Shadowland.

The drawing:

A clearer version, from 1981, of the central object below —

For commentary on the original 1981 drawing, see
Diamond-Faceted: Transformations of the Rock.

(A link in that page to "an earlier note from 1981
leads to remarks from exactly thirty years before
the 2011 post, made on another Guy Fawkes Day.)

Krapp vs. Hash

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For the scholars gathered at a graduate conference
today and tomorrow at Cambridge University* on
"Occultism, Magic, and the History of Art"—

Part I: Krapp 

Click image for a 2006 New York Times  story 

Part II: Hash 

Top center front page, online NY Times, Christmas 2008-- Pinter dead at 78

* See Ledger and Red Ink.

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