Saturday, October 27, 2012

Time in the Garden

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“The voodoo priestess looked across the table at her wealthy client, a man on trial for murder:
‘Now, you know how dead time works. Dead time lasts for one hour– from half an hour
before midnight to half an hour after midnight. The half-hour before midnight is for doin’ good.
The half-hour after midnight is for doin’ evil….’”

– Glenna Whitley, “Voodoo Justice,” The New York Times , March 20, 1994

Sally Forth  on September 5th, 2012—


Behind the Green Door

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It's 10 PM .


Posts of October 24th—
Love Ghost and Versions
and a version of Plan 9— 

Favicon 9


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Irresistible Grace, illustrated by The Girl in the Yellow Dress.

Many Mansions

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John M. Johansen, architect, who
reportedly died yesterday

"It wasn't until reading Carl Jung,
Joseph Campbell, and Thomas Merton
that I understood what a symbol really was."


"Nine is a vine."

Memory rhyme

(See also that phrase in this journal.)

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