Thursday, October 16, 2014

Seeking Kleos

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Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, quoted in a webpage dated
October 7, 2014 (presumably according to Australian time):

"For the Athenians, kleos  mattered more than anything,
according to Goldstein.

'Kleos  is fame: it’s the deed that brings fame, it’s the poem
that sings your triumphs, it’s having your life replicated in
other minds, acquiring a kind of moreness, a kind of
secular immortality.' "

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Rebecca Goldstein and a Cullinane quaternion

From Argument for the Existence of Rebecca (Feb. 6, 2010)

A Forkèd Tongue

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This post was suggested by today's previous posts, Broom Bridge Day
and Taking the Fork, as well as by Alyssa is  Wonderland.

For the meaning of the title, see Serpent + Derrida and Symbology.

Taking the Fork

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Related material:  Alyssa Milano in this journal —

IMAGE- Alyssa Milano as a child, with fork

Broom Bridge Day

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Wikipedia on Broom (or Broome, or Brougham) Bridge,
where on 16 October 1843 Hamilton discovered quaternions:

"The 16 October is sometimes referred to as
Broomsday (in reference to Broome Bridge)
and as a nod to the literary commemorations
on 16 June (Bloomsday in honour of James Joyce)."

See also, in this journal, The Craft.

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