Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A Poet’s Amanuensis

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The title refers to a Paris Review  article dated August 18, 2020.

Detail of poet Donald Hall’s home in a photo accompanying the article —

A synchronology check of Hall’s date of death — Midsummer Eve
in 2018 — yields, in this  journal —

Related images I prefer to Hall’s —

In Memoriam: Ben Cross

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See Cross at IMDb. He reportedly died yesterday.

“For decades, Mr. Cross worked steadily
in television and film. He had just completed
shooting for the coming film ‘The Devil’s Light,’
about an exorcism, according to a statement from
his representative, Tracy Mapes.”

in The New York Times

Also by Azi Paybarah —

See as well Sunset Boulevard Revisited  and . . .

“Do not block intersection.” — City of Los Angeles

Identity ROT

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“That Wild Swift Energy”

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