Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Matrix Reloaded

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In today's online New York Times , Kathryn Harrison reviews a new novel:

By Lauren Groff

From the online New York Times Book Review  on May 24, 2018 —

From this  journal on May 24, 2018 —

Further remarks by Lauren Groff on May 24, 2018 —

"Something invisible and pernicious seems to be preventing
even good literary men from either reaching for books with
women’s names on the spines, or from summoning women’s
books to mind when asked to list their influences. I wonder
what such a thing could possibly be."

Quentin Tarantino?


"It seems no coincidence that all of these titles
are written by women, for a primary angle of 
Gunpowder Milkshake  is one that tries its best
to promote 'feminism' in a Quentin Tarantino
sort of way." 

Or Lévi-Strauss?

See Log24 posts on The Matrix of Lévi-Strauss

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