Friday, August 20, 2021

Space Note

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"Consider the six-dimensional vector space ( 𝔽2 )6
over the two-element field 𝔽2 ."

— Page 23 of "The Universal Kummer Threefold,"
arXiv:1208.1229v3, 12 June 2013, by Qingchun Ren,
Steven V. Sam, Gus Schrader, and Bernd Sturmfels.

An illustration of that space from 1981 —

IMAGE- 'Solid Symmetry' by Steven H. Cullinane, Dec. 24, 1981

The above recollection of the Kummer Threefold  remark was suggested by
recent posts now tagged Smallfield . . .

"Third Man – an elderly American railway bum,
a schizophrenic, speaks with a Southern drawl"

"Art to which I fix my celebrated signature."

— "Third Man" in Victor Snaith's play "Changing Stations"

If we read the above "art" as  a scythe blade to which the "signature" —
Snaith ("the crooked handle or shaft of a scythe") — is attached,
an image of the late art critic Robert Hughes comes to mind:

That image of Hughes appeared here in a post of June 17, 2015 —
"Slow Art, Continued" — that also referenced the Kummer Threefold
paper above.

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