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Art Space

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From an interview with artist Josefine Lyche (see previous post) dated March 11, 2009—

Can you name a writer or book, fiction or theory that has inspired your works?
– Right now I am reading David Foster Wallace, which is great and inspiring. Others would be Aleister Crowley, Terence McKenna, James Joyce, J.L Borges, J.D Ballard, Stanislaw Lem, C. S. Lewis and Plato to mention some. Books, both fiction and theory are a great part of my life and work.

This journal on the date of the interview had a post about a NY Times  story, Paris | A Show About Nothing."

Related images—


Box symbol

Pictorial version
of Hexagram 20,
Contemplation (View)


Space: what you damn well have to see.
– James Joyce, Ulysses

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