Friday, December 23, 2016

Requiem for a Mathematician

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From a Dec. 21 obituary posted by the
University of Tennessee at Knoxville —

"Wade was ordained as a pastor and served
at Oakwood Baptist Church in Knoxville."

Other information —

In a Log24 post, "Seeing the Finite Structure,"
of August 16, 2008, Wade appeared as a co-author
of the Walsh series book mentioned above —

Walsh Series: An Introduction to Dyadic Harmonic Analysis, by F. Schipp et. al.

Walsh Series: An Introduction
to Dyadic Harmonic Analysis
by F. Schipp et al.,
Taylor & Francis, 1990

From the 2008 post —

The patterns on the faces of the cube on the cover
of Walsh Series above illustrate both the 
Walsh functions of order 3 and the same structure
in a different guise, subspaces of the affine 3-space 
over the binary field. For a note on the relationship
of Walsh functions to finite geometry, see 
Symmetry of Walsh Functions.

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