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The New York Times  has a readable, if not informative,
review of a recent controversial account of history —

"For many, it exists in a kind of liminal state,
floating somewhere between fact and mythology."

Jonathan Mahler, online Times  on Oct. 15, 2015

[See Wikipedia on Liminality.]

Mahler begins his review with a statement by the President
on the night of May 1, 2011.

A more easily checked statement quoted here  on that date:

"The positional meaning of a symbol derives from
its relationship to other symbols in a totality, a Gestalt,
whose elements acquire their significance from the
system as a whole."

— Victor Turner, The Forest of Symbols , Ithaca, NY,
Cornell University Press, 1967, p. 51, quoted by
Beth Barrie in "Victor Turner."

A Gestalt  from "Verhexung ," the previous post —

Guitart's statement that the above figure is a "Boolean logical cube"
seems, in the words of the Times , to be "floating somewhere
between fact and mythology."  Discuss.

(My apologies to those who feel that attempting to make sense
of Guitart makes them feel like Vin Diesel in the Dreamworld.)

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