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The late translator Helen Lane in Translation Review , Vol. 5, 1980—

"Among the awards, I submit, should be one for the entire oeuvre  of a lifetime "senior" translator— and  one for the best first  translation…. Similar organization, cooperation, and fund-finding for a first-rate replacement for the sorely missed Delos ."

This leads to one of the founders of Delos , the late Donald Carne-Ross, who died on January 9, 2010.

For one meditation on the date January 9, see Bridal Birthday (last Thursday).

Another meditation, from the date of Carne-Ross's death—

Saturday, January 9, 2010


1982 Again

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Rock's top 40 on Jan. 9, 1982

Positional Meaning

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"The positional meaning of a symbol derives from its relationship to other symbols in a totality, a Gestalt, whose elements acquire their significance from the system as a whole."

– Victor Turner, The Forest of Symbols , Ithaca, NY, Cornell University Press, 1967, p. 51, quoted by Beth Barrie in "Victor Turner."

To everything, turn, turn, turn …
– Peter Seeger

The Galois Quaternion:

The Galois Quaternion

Click for context.

See also Delos in this journal.

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