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Autistic Enchantments

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Continued )

Log24  on January 31, 2015 —

Spellbound (continued)

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The New York Times  this morning, in an
obituary for a maker of crossword puzzles :

“… the first known crossword puzzle appeared in
an American newspaper. (Called a ‘word-cross’
and shaped like a diamond, it was published in
The New York World  on Sunday, Dec. 21, 1913.)”

See St. Nicholas  magazine, November 1874, p. 59 :

For the answer, see this  journal on Aug. 29, 2002
(with a scene from Spellbound ) and on July 15, 2004.

On that same date 

The Seattle Times , Feb. 8, 2015, updated Feb. 12—

How to solve the puzzle:

“… you begin by filling in the missing words
for the limericks.

Dice, yAhtzee, woN, yahTzee, twicE;
Wall, dRawl, geOrgia’s, staTe, minnEsota;
Truck, rEd, fiReman’s, blaZe, hydrAnt;
Bob, sLob, prAy, saiNt, thanK.

The capital letters help to show what comes next,
as clued by the 1,2,3,4,5 in the title.

You take the first letter of the first inserted word,
the second of the second and so on. The resulting
message is ‘Dante wrote terza blank.’ The blank
is RIMA, as terza rima was the rhyme scheme
Dante used in the Divine Comedy.”

See also two other dates, June 3, 2015, and June 10, 2015,
in this  journal and in the life of the puzzle author.

The date of the puzzle’s answer, Feb. 8, 2015, is also
not without interest.

IMAGE- Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis) and Simon Lynch (Miko Hughes), 'Mercury Rising' (1998)

“Click on fanciful .”

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