Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sermon for the Cruelest Month

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Some Harvard thoughts suggested by the recent
Jonathan Crombie project "Waiting for Ishtar" and
by a search in this journal for "Megan Follows" —

Remarks by Freeman Dyson in today's New York Times  
Sunday Book Review  (page BR8)

"Who is your favorite fictional hero or heroine?

The child Emily in 'A High Wind in Jamaica,' 
by Richard Hughes. She murders a friendly
sea captain and lays the blame on members
of the crew, who are hanged for the crime.
To have survived for millions of years in the
lawless world of human evolution, parents
must love children even when children do evil,
and children must be ruthless and lovable.
Emily is ruthless and lovable."

A remark by young Emily in the film  of "High Wind"—

"Church of England."

For another version of "lovable," see The Eve of St. Agnes, 2003.

For another version of "ruthless," see the depiction, by Zachary Scott
of a Harvard student in the 1948 film  titled "Ruthless."

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