Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday October 29, 2006

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(Readings for the
Halloween season)

In 1692 on July 31, at the time of the Salem witchcraft trials, Increase Mather reportedly “delivered a sermon… in Boston in which he posed the question… ‘O what makes the difference between the devils in hell and the angels of heaven?'”

, the father of Cotton Mather, was president of Harvard from June 27, 1692, to Sept. 6, 1701.  His name is memorialized by Harvard’s Mather House.

From Log24 on Jan. 15, 2003:

Locating Hell

“Noi siam venuti al loco ov’ i’ t’ho detto
            che tu vedrai le genti dolorose
    c’hanno perduto il ben de l’intelletto

Dante, Inferno, Canto 3, 16-18

“We have come to where
              I warned you we would find
Those wretched souls
              who no longer have 
The intellectual benefits of the mind.”

Dante, Hell, Canto 3, 16-18

From a Harvard student’s weblog:

Heard in Mather  I hope you get gingivitis You want me to get oral cancer?! Goodnight fartface Turd. Turd. Turd. Turd. Turd. Make your own waffles!! Blah blah blah starcraft blah blah starcraft blah starcraft. It’s da email da email. And some blue hair! Oohoohoo Izod! 10 gigs! Yeah it smells really bad. Only in the stairs though. Starcraft blah blah Starcraft fartface. Yeah it’s hard. You have to get a bunch of battle cruisers. 40 kills! So good! Oh ho ho grunt grunt squeal.  I’m getting sick again. You have a final tomorrow? In What?! Um I don’t even know. Next year we’re draggin him there and sticking the needle in ourselves. 

” … one more line/ unravelling from the dark design/ spun by God and Cotton Mather”

— Robert Lowell


To honor Harvard’s Oct. 28 founding,
here are yesterday’s numbers from
the state of Grace (Kelly, of Philadelphia):

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Related material:

Log24 on 1/16,
and Hexagram 41,

The image “http://www.log24.com/images/IChing/hexagram41.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


The Image

At the foot of the mountain, the lake:
The image of Decrease.
Thus the superior man controls his anger
And restrains his instincts.

This suggests thoughts of
the novel Cold Mountain
 (see yesterday morning)
and the following from
Log24 on St. Luke’s Day
this year:

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Lucero as portrayed by Megan Follows
Established in 1916,
Montreat College
is a private, Christian
college located in a
beautiful valley in the
Blue Ridge Mountains
of North Carolina.

From Nell:

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“The valley spirit never dies…”

See also St. Luke’s Day, 2004,
as well as a journal entry
prompted by both
the ignorant religion
of Harvard’s past
and the ignorant scientism
of Harvard’s present–
 Hitler’s Still Point:
A Hate Speech for Harvard

This last may, of course, not
quite fit the description of
the superior man
controlling his anger
so wisely provided by
yesterday’s lottery and
Hexagram 41.
Nobody’s perfect.

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