Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday March 19, 2009

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An image from
A Glass Bead Game

by Charles Cameron

Christ and the four elements, 1495

Christ and the Four Elements

This 1495 image is found in
The Janus Faces of Genius:
The Role of Alchemy
in Newton's Thought

by B. J. T. Dobbs,
Cambridge U. Press,
2002, p. 85

Kernel of Eternity:

Pauli's Dream Square from 'The Innermost Kernel'

Sacerdotal Jargon
at Harvard

The Klein Four-Group: The four elements in four colors, with black points representing the identity

From "The Fifth Element"
(1997, Milla Jovovich
    and Bruce Willis) —

The crossing of the beams:

The Fifth Element, crossing of the beams

Happy birthday, Bruce Willis.

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