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Dark Side Tales

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"Got to keep the loonies on the path."

Lyrics to Dark Side of the Moon

For those who, like Tom Stoppard, prefer the dark side—

He runs, panting, until he ends up
in front of a tall, brilliantly lit office building.
As he approaches, the lights in the building
are going off floor by floor.

He rushes into
the lobby, running for the elevator.

Burning the midnight oil, Mr. Smith?
You forgot to sign in.

Bateman wheels around and shoots him.
He runs toward the revolving doors.
As he swings around in the doors, he notices
a JANITOR who has witnessed the shooting.
He revolves back into the lobby and shoots the janitor.

He runs out of the building
and across the street to an identical office building,
the one that houses Pierce & Pierce.

Bateman nods at the Pierce & Pierce NIGHT WATCHMAN
and signs in. He breathes a sigh of relief as
​the elevator doors close behind him.

by Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner
(Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, 
Fourth Draft, November 1998)

Not quite so dark—

"And then one day you find ten years have got behind you."

— Lyrics to Dark Side of the Moon

This journal ten years ago, on August 25, 2003

         … We seek

The poem of pure reality, untouched
By trope or deviation, straight to the word,
Straight to the transfixing object, to the object

At the exactest point at which it is itself,
Transfixing by being purely what it is,
A view of New Haven, say, through the certain eye,

The eye made clear of uncertainty, with the sight
Of simple seeing, without reflection. We seek
Nothing beyond reality. Within it,

Everything, the spirit's alchemicana
Included, the spirit that goes roundabout
And through included, not merely the visible,

The solid, but the movable, the moment,
The coming on of feasts and the habits of saints,
The pattern of the heavens and high, night air.

— Wallace Stevens, "An Ordinary Evening
     in New Haven," Canto IX
    (Collected Poems , pp. 471-472)

"A view of New Haven, say…." —

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"This is the garden of Apollo,
the field of Reason…."
John Outram, architect 

A similar version of this Apollonian image —


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"the spirit's alchemicana."

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