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Lines of Symbols

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C. P. Snow on G. H. Hardy, in Snow's foreword to A Mathematician's Apology

"One morning early in 1913, he found, among the letters on his breakfast table, a large untidy envelope decorated with Indian stamps. When he opened it, he found sheets of paper by no means fresh, on which, in a non-English holograph, were line after line of symbols. Hardy glanced at them without enthusiasm. He was by this time, at the age of thirty-six, a world famous mathematician: and world famous mathematicians, he had already discovered, are unusually exposed to cranks. He was accustomed to receiving manuscripts from strangers, proving the prophetic wisdom of the Great Pyramid, the revelations of the Elders of Zion, or the cryptograms that Bacon has inserted in the plays of the so-called Shakespeare."

Some related material (click to enlarge)—

The author links to, but does not name, the source of the above
"line after line of symbols." It is "Visualizing GL(2,p)." See that webpage
for some less esoteric background.

See also the two Wikipedia articles Finite geometry and Hesse configuration
and an image they share—

IMAGE- Image from Wikipedia articles 'Finite geometry' and 'Hesse configuration.'

The Hesse here is not Hermann, but Otto.

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