Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday February 2, 2007

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The Night Watch

For Catholic Schools Week
(continued from last year)–

Last night’s Log24 Xanga
footprints from Poland:

Poland 2/2/07 1:29 AM
2/20/06: The Past Revisited
(with link to online text of
Many Dimensions, by Charles Williams)

Poland 2/2/07 2:38 AM
1/15/06 Inscape
(the mathematical concept, with
square and “star” diagrams)

Poland 2/2/07 3:30 AM
2/8/05 The Equation
(Russell Crowe as John Nash
with “star” diagram from a
Princeton lecture by Langlands)

Poland 2/2/07 4:31 AM
8/29/06 Hollywood Birthday
(with link to online text of
Plato on the Human Paradox,
by a Fordham Jesuit)

Poland 2/2/07 4:43 AM
8/30/06 Seven
(Harvard, the etymology of the
word “experience,” and the
Catholic funeral of a professor’s
23-year-old daughter)

Poland 2/2/07 4:56 AM
12/19/05 Quarter to Three (cont.)

(remarks on permutation groups
for the birthday of Helmut Wielandt)

Poland 2/2/07 5:03 AM
5/29/06 For JFK’s Birthday
(The Call Girls revisited)

Poland 2/2/07 5:32 AM
8/24/06 Beginnings
(Nasar in The New Yorker and
T. S. Eliot in Log24, both on the 2006
Beijing String Theory conference)

Poland 2/2/07 5:46 AM
2/22/06 In the Details
(Harvard’s president resigns,
with accompanying “rosebud”)

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