Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday December 27, 2005

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Dance of the Numbers

The Pennsylvania lottery 
on St. Stephen's Day–

Midday: 105
Evening: 064

From a new
branch of theology, 
lottery hermeneutics:

See Log24, 1/05,
Death and the Spirit,

and the 64 hexagrams of
the box-style I Ching.

From the Wikipedia
article on hermeneutics:

"One prominent theme which arises in contemporary philosophical hermeneutics (i.e., the work of Hans-Georg Gadamer) is a serious calling into question of scientism. Scientism is the more or less unquestioned belief in the supremacy of the natural sciences when it comes to serving as models of knowledge. By calling scientism into question, hermeneutics is arguing for the legitimacy of (among other things) aesthetic, literary, spiritual, and philosophical knowledge, alongside (but not instead of) scientific knowledge."

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