Wednesday, January 5, 2011

True Grid (continued)

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For material related to the Dec. 29, 2010, posts Toy Stories and True Grid

See Theological Points of Tron: Legacy, by the anonymous blogger hilbertthm90.

An excerpt —

Another story told in the movie is how this girl was about to be destroyed by the evil guys only to find “the father” standing over her after she blacked out and he “saved her”. The father’s disk contains all the information about everything in the grid, so in a sense the father is omniscient. Clearly the father is a stand in for the Biblical God since he creates a whole universe and is omniscient (and by some of the actions he performs in the movie, he seems omnipotent as well). I don’t think the Christian parallels are all in my head.

There is some sketchy theology that occurs that might be in my head, though. The “real world” outside of the grid seems to be a symbol for heaven. If this is true, it presents a very interesting theological point.

Compare and contrast —

Woody and Buzz  from Christmas Day, 2010 —


Update of 8:55 PM — Related material from today's  Ghost Light weblog


See also today's New York midday lottery number, 596, as it appears in a search
for "legacy code" in this journal. It is China's code for its first nuclear test.

Today's evening New York number is less alarming — 401, suggesting the date
4/01 — i.e., April Fools' Day.

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