Saturday, June 13, 2020

Knock on Any Door

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… Not to mention strange fruit .

From a review for a dirty computer

“… a spooky motel straight out of Twin Peaks.”

Friday, June 12, 2020

Art Icons

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Liz Elverenli on the writers of “I Am Not Okay with This
(Instagram, Jan. 18, 2019) —

“We went full Twin Peaks.”

Perhaps not  full  Twin Peaks . . .

Update of 11:22 PM ET —

A “Not Okay” line from Episode 1.03, “The Party’s Over”

00:00:31,573 –> 00:00:34,159
Something just didn’t feel right.

I prefer the Jacky St. James illustration of this sentiment:

Egon Schiele fans other than Elverenli may agree.

“It’s showtime, folks!” — Opening scenes of “All That Jazz.”

Log Lady

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IMAGE- The 24-drawer filing cabinet of Lucia St. Clair Robson

“Just as these lines that merge to form a key
Are as chess squares; when month and day are four;
Don’t risk another chance to move to mate.
One game is real and one’s a metaphor.
Untold times this wisdom’s come too late.
Battle of White has raged on endlessly.
Everywhere Black will strive to seal his fate.
Continue a search for thirty-three and three.
Veiled forever is the secret door.”
— Katherine Neville, aka Cat Velis, in The Eight,
Ballantine Books, January 1989, page 140

“One game is real and one’s a metaphor” —

Twin Peaks

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See the title as a tag.

The title was suggested by

  1. Ashlynn Yennie’s twin peaks in Showtime’s Submission  (May 2016) —
  2. Ethan Allen’s recent appearance in a Vanity Fair  piece  by Betty Gilpin.

Gilpin as Crystal in The Hunt

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