Monday, August 29, 2016

Into the Woods

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This just in:

Headline- 'Clown tries to lure kids into woods'

See also Cinderella in yesterday's post "As" —

The James Lapine version —

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Angles of Vision

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IMAGE- Review of a book on Stevens's poetry, 'The Dome and the Rock,' with the reviewer's phrase 'angles of vision.'

See also Desargues in this journal.


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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rome After Dark

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For more about Rome, see two pages from Stevens suggested
by the New York Lottery numbers from today, St. Peter's Day.

The pages mention "Rome after dark" and a "disused ambit
of the soul." Those who prefer a "more severe, more
harassing master" may consult the date 8/6/79 suggested by
the New York Lottery this afternoon and, from that date,
Freeman Dyson's memoir in The New Yorker .

This evening's four-digit number, 0006, may, if one likes,
be regarded as an "artist's signature" of sorts.

The New Yorker  on Dyson—

"He recalls that at age 8 he read 'The Magic City,'
 by Edith Nesbit. It is the story of a crazy universe.
 He now sees that this universe bears a strong
 resemblance to the one we live in."

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lottery Hermeneutics (continued)

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Recent New York Lottery numbers—


The interpretation of "056" in yesterday's
The Aleph, the Lottery, and the Eightfold Way
was not without interest, but the interpretation there
of "236" was somewhat lacking in poetic resonance.

For aspiring students of lottery hermeneutics,
here are some notes that may help. The "236" may
be reinterpreted as a page number in Stevens's
Collected Poems . It then resonates rather nicely
("answers when I ask," "visible and responsive")
with yesterday evening's "434"—


For today's midday "022," see Hexagram 22: Grace in the context of the following—


As for yesterday afternoon's 609, see a particular Stevens-related page with that number…

IMAGE- Review of 'The Dome and the Rock'

For "a body of thought or poetry larger than the subject's," see The Dome of  the Rock.

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