Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Glastonbury Meditation:

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Stunt Writer 

An image from this  journal on June 29, 2019 —

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Kingsman 2 Director Reveals
How They Shot The Glastonbury Scene

Alternate Past: LA/91506

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(Title suggested by the beanie label “Alternate Future: NYC/10001”)

Salinger's 'Nine Stories,' paperback with 3x3 array of titles on cover, adapted in a Jan. 2, 2009, Log24 post on Nabokov's 1948 'Signs and Symbols'

A version of the Salinger story title “Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes” —

“… her mouth is red and large, with Disney overtones. But it is her eyes,
a pale green of surprising intensity, that hold me.”

Violet Henderson in Vogue , 30 August 2017

See also that date in this  journal.

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