Thursday, January 30, 2014


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From Fritz Leiber's 1959 sci-fi classic "Damnation Morning" —

She drew from her handbag a pale grey
gleaming implement that looked by quick turns
to me like a knife, a gun, a slim sceptre, and a
delicate branding iron— especially when its tip
sprouted an eight-limbed star of silver wire.

“The test?” I faltered, staring at the thing.

“Yes, to determine whether you can live in the
fourth dimension or only die in it.”

Related 1962 drama  from the Twilight Zone —

"He's a physicist, maybe he can help us out."

See also Step.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


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In memory of actress Sarah Marshall —

"It's a big step, granted, but
it's just one step."

— The Twilight Zone , "Little Girl Lost."

See also this morning's previous post.

Rotatable Hypercube

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The archived Java rotatable hypercube of
Harry J. Smith is no longer working.
For an excellent JavaScript  replacement,
see Pete Michaud's

This JavaScript  version can easily be saved.

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