Sunday, January 17, 2021

Looking for a Point of View*

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Mission Possible: KenKen Meets BarbieBarbie.”

* See “Lars and the Code Girl.”

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Nashville Death

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” ‘Across the street was the New York Doll Hospital,
a toy repair shop,’ he told Lenny Kaye in an interview
for the Bob Gruen photo book New York Dolls  (2008).”

See as well other  posts now tagged Smiley’s Neighborhood
in honor of the novelist known as John le Carré.

The novelist’s nom de plume  suggests another tourist’s tale —

“Before 1788, the French Quarter encompassed the entirety
of New Orleans. Today the ‘old square’  (Vieux Carré ), a
six by twelve block parcel of land set on the inside of a bend
in the Mississippi River, remains New Orleans’ most definitive
area.” — https://www.frenchquarter.com/sightseeing-in-the-old-square/

Friday, January 15, 2021

For Smiley’s People

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The Shop on the Corner . . .

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The Lush Life

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Lush Cosmetics in the previous post suggests . . .

Reflection for a Forked Tongue

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Reflection in the door of 794 Lexington Avenue,
New York City, November 2019 —

The object reflected —

To enlarge the image, click the above view of Lexington Ave. traffic.

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The life stories of “Germany’s oldest bookseller,” who reportedly died
around New Year’s 2021, and of her uncle, who had an art-book store
and gallery at 794 Lexington Avenue starting in 1923.

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